Monday, November 27, 2017

Priest Busted For Allegedly Sneaking Contrabands Into Bohol District Jail

Gone were the days when contraband were freely brought in jail. Since President Duterte sat in office, more people are being caught who are trying to bring in contraband for inmates.

The latest who got arrested for trying was a priest in Bohol, Philippines. The police confiscated several packs of cigarettes and dried tobacco leaves. The priest was supposed to officiate a mass in the facility.

Father James Darunday ministers to about 900 inmates every Sunday. Warden Felipe Montejo of the Bohol Detention and Rehabilitation Center (BDRC) confirmed that the contraband was confiscated around 10am, November 26.

According to the reports, a woman whose husband is an inmate identified as Rey Gaco asked the priest to hand the biscuits to her husband.

As the jail guards inspected the plastic container, the found at least 50 packs of cigarettes and some unprocessed tobacco leaves which were all hidden under the "assorted biscuits."

When asked about it, the priest said that he could not remember the woman's name but she is familiar and he knows that she is from Calape Town, Bohol. That is why he believed her when she assured her that it was just biscuits.
"I was too trusting. I agreed to carry the container out of compassion, believing it [contained] just biscuits," 
The priest is thankful that there were no illegal drugs inside the container.
"It could have been worse if there were illegal drugs. Thank God, there were no drugs in it,"

For 7 years, Darunday has been ministering at BDRC, which is run by the Bureau of Jail Management Penology (BJMP).

Montejo, however, hinted that this might change starting Monday when they decide to ban the priest from officiating in the facility.
"I would respect their decision if they would ban me. I just hope that another priest would look after the spiritual lives of the inmates,"
"God knows I was innocent. I did it out of good motive. It was unfortunate this had happened," 
Even though Darunday was surprised when he was used to smuggle prohibited cigarettes and tobaccos inside the facility, he didn't regret helping the woman.
“Maluoy ko sa mga piniriso,” 

Source: Rappler, Inquirer


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