Monday, November 27, 2017

P8.7-B Road Scam Linked To PNoy's Brother-In-Law By Witness In WPP

Remember when Palafox, a world-renowned architect and urban planner vouched that in this administration, there are absolutely no corruption in the bidding of projects? It was also mentioned that during the time of former President Noynoy Aquino, there were at least 40% corruption in projects of the government.

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This was proven further by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday, when the brother-in-law of Noynoy and the husband of Ballsy Aquino was tagged by a witness in the fake road-right-of-way (RROW) project in General Santos as someone involved with the scam.

The witness, Roberto Catapang Jr. who is now under a Witness Protection Program (WPP) stepped out and revealed that Eldon Cruz, the husband of Ballsy has endorsed the release of the payments for the allegedly bogus RROW claims.

In a press conference, Catapang said that it was actually the talk of the town.
“Actually, talk of the town ito sa DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways). Alam yan ng central office. Taga Manila, kapamilya ng opisyal (Actually, this is the talk of the town at the DPWH. The central office knows about this. This person is from Manila and is related to an official),”
 Apparently, the name of Eldon Cruz were being used by the former administration all the time.
“Apparently, they were using his name always, not just a few times. Sorry sir. It’s Sir Eldon Cruz,”
Catapang is one of the members of a group that works by conniving with corrupt government officials. Although he admittedly said that he never met Cruz, he said that he was able to watch the latter in public speaking engagements.

Along with this revelation, Catapang also showed a copy of the letter that was signed by Cruz himself. The letter was dated January 2011 addressed to former DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson, requesting his immediate endorsement to the DBM for the release of the funds for the bogus titles.

It was said that the scam covered all Region 12, not just General Santos. Catapang also showed two more letters signed by Cruz, one of them bearing the Malacanang letterhead. All in all, Catapang said that over Php 500 million was released by former DBN Secretary Florencio Abad in December 2013 alone.

Singson, Abad along with 41 others have already been placed under the DOJ's immigration lookout bulletin order.

Meanwhile, DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre assured that Cruz' name will be added on the list once it is proven that it was indeed his signature that is in the proofs.

Aguirre earlier explained that the members of theses syndicates would submit fake titles in the name of people who are non-existent, and then secure payments using the fake titles. He said that the syndicate was able to process 300 RROW claims including one that amounted to P29million.

Lastly, Aguirre called out to those who have information about these RROW scams.
“I am reiterating once again my call to all who have personal knowledge of this RROW scam to come forward and to tell the truth. When the government is defrauded, it is really the Filipino people who are really defrauded. Our office is open to you, we will listen to you and more importantly, we will protect you via the WPP,”
Source: PTV News


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