Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Noynoy vs Duterte administration

Jojo A. Robles, a prominent journalist/critic and a staunch supporter of the President, recently published a Facebook post wary of the MRT anomaly currently being face by Abaya and his co-conspirators.

Robles' post contains the critic's sentiments, presumptions and aspirations regarding the controversy. Exemplifying President Rodrigo Duterte apart from his predecessors, Robles affirmed that unlike the Aquino administration justice will truly be served.

Robles' elaborate Facebook post entitled "THE BIG DIFFERENCE", reads:

"The Aquino administration, during its blindly vengeful six years in office, filed all sorts of charges against perceived enemies of the Chief Executive, charges that are only now being exposed as unfounded and unsubstantiated. 

These made them so easy to dismiss using the once unheard-of strategy of employing only the evidence provided by the prosecution itself. 

The pursuit of those responsible for the plunder of the MRT is way different. 

It is true that a lot needs to be done to bring the train line back to working, reliable order without having to go after those responsible for the present sorry situation. But the process of dispensing justice is independent of that huge task and must be allowed to run its course.

Otherwise, Abaya and his co-conspirators may actually start to believe that they're already out of the woods. And the rest of us may actually end up convinced that the plunderers hiding under the skirt of those who claim to have a monopoly on righteousness and good governance will never be made to pay for their high crimes.

The Aquino administration loved to throw around the word “closure” to justify the then president's thirst for personal political vendetta. 

In this case, the people are crying out for closure, as well – the closure of jail cell doors after Abaya and his fellow plunderers have been thrown behind them is what the people need to see.

This is not, after all, the administration of Noynoy, who could not seem to do what needs to be done because of his absolute, unwavering focus on securing the innumerable pounds of flesh that he sought from people who had displeased or slighted him. 

And I cannot believe that Duterte, the former prosecutor and work-obsessed longtime mayor, is in the business of filing charges that cannot be made to stick, only because he needs to blame other people for the situation he finds himself in.

And the MRT will still be fixed and made to run hitch-free once again. Because both tasks, believe it or not, can be done simultaneously." Robles ended affirmatively.

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