Sunday, November 26, 2017

MEET: "Suman Girl", Coleen Garcia’s Look-A-Like Made Billy Crawford Stunningly Shocked

Ruhaina, who hails from Davao City, is an eight-year-old girl who rose to fame last year when a netizen posted a photo of her alongside a photo of Coleen Garcia, noting how much they resemble each other and commenting how the two looked very much alike.

She was since dubbed as Coleen’s “long-lost twin sister”. However, this little girl also has another title of her own, “Suman Girl”, as she helps her family make a living by making and selling rice cakes or ‘suman’.

This year, Ruhaina finally had the chance to meet Coleen’s fiancé, Billy Crawford, during a special episode of ABS-CBN’s “Little Big Shots”.

This show is currently being hosted by Billy himself. She was one of the episode’s special guests who were invited to share their inspiring stories.At a very young age, Ruhaina was abandoned by her parents.Her uncle has been raising her since then, with his whole family residing in Davao City. She said that she dreams of finishing school, and that someday, she would very much want to meet her biological parents.

In order to repay the family who has taken her in, she helps them make ‘suman’ or rice cakes and sells them to earn money.When Billy and Ruhaina finally met on the episode, Billy commented that she really does look like Coleen, even joking “Matagal mo bang kapatid si Coleen na ‘di mo sinasabi sa amin?”.

The episode then proceeded with Ruhaina teaching Billy how to wrap suman, which the girl does very well. At the tender age of eight, Ruhaina had to learn how to make and wrap suman because she wanted to help her family.

As an early Christmas present, Billy then thanked her by giving her two “Little Big Shots” dolls. After all, she is his fiancé’s “long lost twin-sister”.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of Coleen’s “long-lost twin sister” aka “Suman Girl”? Do you think their resemblance is really uncanny? Share with us and other netizens your thoughts below!


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