Friday, November 3, 2017

Manila Councilor on De Lima’s ironic award: "Human rights ng mga drug lords?

Manila Councilor Greco Belgica says that Senator Leila De Lima’s award should be nothing, for she was protecting criminals and narco-politicians while she was in power. He also said that members of the Liberal International, the organization who awarded De Lima, were her own colleagues back then when De Lima was working in the Commission of Human Rights.

Beligca was interviewed by Radyo Pilipinas and he made a couple of points that denounces this award.

Human rights protector when she’s in jail for drug trafficking. So anong human rights ang pino-protektahan nya? Human rights ng mga drug lords?” His first point.

The second point being that the petition to nullify her case that was filed by the Regional Trial Court has been denied by the Supreme Court.

Justice has been served, hindi ito minanipula, there were evidences and linkages that may prove that she was really on top of drugs,” said Beligca.

And lastly his last point was stated as “…how can she be a genuine human rights fighter when she was politicking, she was protecting criminals and the politicians when she was in power, she was not protecting the plight ng taong bayan na naghihirap because of drugs and because of corruption…“.

On the other hand, the Liberation International released a statement stating that “Politicians from around the world voted to award Liberal International’s highest human rights honor – the Prize for Freedom – to imprisoned Philippines political prisoner, Senator Leila de Lima."

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Senator De Lima, a vocal and ardent critic [of] the Philippines authoritarian president Rodrigo Duterte’s so-called ‘war of drugs’, has been held in pre-trial detention on politically motivated charges since February 2017”

How is De Lima, who was currently detained due to drug charges, a “flag-bearer of human rights in the Philippines”? Belgica wonders as the Liberation International awards her again.


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