Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mahal, Ipinakilala ang bagong Boyfriend na talaga namang ikinagulat ng marami!

Series of failed love affairs led the midget star of the 90s, “Mahal”, seek hopelessly romantic in life. If Taylor Swift has got a “long list of ex-lovers”, so do Mahal! A number of lovers have knocked on the door of her heart, came in, and walked away as well. 

None seem to stay, but when someone jumps right in, Mahal makes it right on top of the headlines again.The former celebrity starred a number of films as a comedienne. Mahal also had a recording entitled “Cutie-Cute-Cute” which she personally sung herself. 

All on the height of her career in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Her career in the show business might probably been outsold by new comedians and comediennes that rode the limelight in show business, but she never failed to make herself still relevant. Despite the scandals and controversies she encountered, she stood strong to finally find her one true love. And a viral photo of her and a younger man around 20’s circulated online! Boompanot Facebook page posted a photo of Mahal cuddling with this apparent “new guy”. 

Many netizens started talking about her being hopelessly romantic—often to a younger guy. Netizens were tagging their Facebook friends who were single on the post to make them green in envy. If Mahal gets a new lover, why can’t the single ladies out there?

And this is not just any other guy! Mahal has got some good taste in men especially good looks. Despite being the woman older than her lover (which makes her seem like a mother to him), Mahal genuinely cares for all of her exes. Many people say that if you’re financially capable (or better yet, RICH), you will never really run out of “boylets”. 

This may seem to be the case of Mahal, but we do hope that she will finally find peace and love this time around. What can you say about Mahal Lovelife? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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