Monday, November 27, 2017

Ever Wondered What Was Your Favorite Celebrities First Few Jobs Before They Entered the Industry?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity’s first few jobs was before they became popular personalities in the industry?

We can’t deny the fact that there are some personalities in the showbiz industry who were born with a silver spoon. They are the ones who were able to enter the showbiz industry because of their parents’ influence and of course, because of their clan.

However, not everyone’s born with a silver spoon nor came from an influential family. Due to this, there are some people who had several different jobs before they became celebrities. Now, we have here the list of celebrities and their jobs before they became popular:

1. Marian Rivera Before she became an actress, she was once a special education teacher. It was just one of her two jobs! The other one was when she worked as a staff in the National Institue of Mental Health.

2. Coco Martin The king of the Indie films once had several jobs before his fame. He worked as a construction worker and even a janitor!

3. Ai Ai Delas Alas Will you believe it if I tell you that this comedienne was once a saleslady in a department store?

4. Richard Yap Before his career, he’s a businessman in various fields.

5. Jericho Rosales Echo was one of the hardworking celebrities in the industry. Before his big break, he used to be a fish vendor.

6. Piolo Pascual Papa P started his career in That’s Entertainment, but only a few people know that he used to work as an ER Representative in Los Angeles.

7. Nora Aunor The veteran actress once worked as a vendor who sells peanuts and water in train stations

8. Solenn Heussaff This model used to be a full-time makeup artist before she had her own stylist for her shows!

9. Richard Gomez The one and only Goma once worked as a service crew in McDonald’s.

10. Jose Manalo Jose is a popular Filipino comedian, but most people had no idea that he used to be one of the men who work behind the camera! He was a production assistant before he became a mainstay on television.

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