Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Carlos Celdran on Mabilog's so-called mansion: "It’s not a mansion at all. Seriously"

The alleged “mansion” of dismissed Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog located in Barangay Tap-oc, Molo will be turned into a tourist destination after President Rodrigo Duterte drew attention to the infrastructure when he described it as a “palace” that is “more grandiose” than the Malacañang Palace.

Former Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel “Boy” Mejorada included the house in the criminal and administrative complaints he filed against Jed at the Ombudsman.

Tour guide and social media activist Carlos Celdran toured Jed’s house to bear witness to the “mansion” and gave details as to how befitting it is for tourist visits in the future.

I took photos of myself on each side of the property (living room and dining room) and it literally took me less than 20 steps. His residence is set at the far end of his parents’ compound next to the river, it’s got no garden, ridiculously narrow parking, and – no offense, Mr. Mabilog – decorated like a condo model unit. His neighbors’ house is way bigger than his,” Celdran said.

Tourism officers from the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (Atop) affirmed Celdran’s claims of Mabilog’s house that it is not as luxurious as initial claims made it seem.

Iloilo City tourism officer and a close friend of Mabilog, June Ann Divinagracia who accompanied the Atop officers relayed how “amazed” they were at the Mabilog's house and the unsubstantiated claims of Mabilog’s affluence.

They were amazed at the view, the brunch and the ‘fake news,’” Divinagracia posted on Facebook.

Celdran summed up his views on Mabilog's so-called “mansion” and gave his “verdict” that it is “not a mansion at all”, but instead, a 200-square-meter shoebox.

"This is not a political post. It was only out of curiosity that I requested to see the ‘luxurious mansion’ of Mayor Jed Mabilog that was creating such a fuss with our chief executive and his online posse. Verdict: It’s not a mansion at all. Seriously. Well, it’s not exactly a shoebox but a 200-square meter footprint does not a mansion make,” Celdran said,

Despite its humble features, Divinagracia said that they’ll be including it among the city’s tourist destinations.

Jed Mabilog and June Ann Divinagracia 

Since their departure to Japan on August 31, 2017 amidst Duterte’s tirades, Jed, his wife, Marivic, and their kids have not returned. They initially claimed it was to attend a conference in Japan and international meeting in Malaysia.

Mabilog's spokesperson and lawyer Mark Piad eventually admitted that the Mabilog family left for fear of their safety. The dismissed mayor filed a sick leave good until the end of October 2017.

Mabilog was dismissed by the Ombudsman after he was found guilty for serious dishonesty. Evidence has shown that Mabilog amassed an increased net worth of Php 9 million in a year to which no reasonable explanation was provided.

Source: Inquirer
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