Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Who is Senator Marco Rubio, the person whom Trillanes had meeting with in the US?

It has been making rounds on social media that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV met with Senator Marco Rubio in the United States.

Who is Senator Marco Rubio?

Accoring to the Published article of Miami Herald entitled "Venezuela accuses Rubio, CIA of plotting to topple Caracas government", senior leaders of Venezuela charged Senator Rubio and and CIA of plotting to topple the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

What this group is trying to do with Venezuela is basically divide the government, recognize other leaders and foment a conflict with the Venezuelans,” Carlos Ron said, the chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of Venezuela.

This is absolutely unacceptable,” Ron added.

Rubio was also one of the two senators who filed a legislation last May 2017, restricting the export of certain weapons by the U.S to the Philippine National Police (PNP) as a response to President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.

"This is not the right way to conduct an anti-drug campaign, and our legislation reflects our sincere desire to work with the Philippines to support human rights, expose narcotics networks emanating from mainland China and other countries, and use a public health approach to responsibly counter the dangers that drugs pose to our societies," Rubio said.

Meanwhile, blogger Rey Joseph Nieto, also known as Thinking Pinoy said that according to his very highly placed source that Trillanes met with some officers of the CIA.

"A very highly placed source from the diplomatic community told me that Sen. Antonio Sonny Trillanes met with some officers of the US Central Intelligence Agency. Trillanes is currently in the United States," Nieto stated on his Facebook account.

Source/s: Thinking Pinoy, Miami Herald, CNN Philippines
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