Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Thinking Pinoy burns Pangilinan

Thinking Pinoy owner and administrator RJ Nieto attended the first hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media on the spread of fake news, on Wednesday to be interrogated for unmasking the personalities behind the “Silent No More PH” blog which defamed the seven senators for not signing the senate resolution, condemning the extrajudicial killings.

In Nieto’s in depth investigation of the infamous “Silent No More PH” blog, he was able to trace Cocoy Dayao as the administrator of the page as well as 21 other websites adversarial to the administration, including the page ProPinoy, which he found out was co-founded by Niña Terol.

According to Nieto, Terol previously worked for Senators Kiko Pangilinan and Bam Aquino as their social media marketing specialist.

Moreover, in the senate hearing, it was discovered that the TP webmaster also worked as consultant in the government to serve the new unsung heroes of the society, our millions of Overseas Filipino Workers. However, Senator Pangilinan was not amused by this.

Thus, Nieto boldly challenged the LP senator.

If you think I have violated any laws by helping this government, sue me.” The blogger said.

Read the reaction of veteran journalist Jay Sonza below:

"Mr. Nieto's services as consultant was solicited to help the government for a measly sum of 12k pesos a month to service our millions of OFWs, the "bagong bayani."

Imbes na matuwa si Sen. Kiko sa pagkakawang-gawa ni RJ, may himig pagbabanta pa siya. Mabuti na lang at magaling sumagot iyong mamang blogger. Nagmukha tuloy tanga iyong mambubutas, este mambabatas pala.

"If you think I have violated any laws by helping this government, sue me." - Nieto challenged Pangilinan.

Ang galing lang ni Sen. Villar. Isang tanong, isang sagot Mr. Lacierda, are you part of Silent No More or not? Nagkanda utal-utal na ang Bol-anon. Nganung dili man ka makadiretsu ug tubag dong. Gatuyuk-tuyuk pa ang imong tubag loy."

Source: Facebook / Jay Sonza
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