Friday, October 27, 2017

“Scalawag Police” to blame for the EJKs says Bro. Eddie Villanueva

As the Jesus is Lord (JIL) Church reached its 39th anniversary this Friday, October 27, Brother Eddie Villanueva, founder of JIL, claims that extrajudicial killings are due to “Scalawag Police” that are trying to impress their superiors.

This policy against drugs should not be at the expense of the rule of law," Villanueva said.

Other than the price of the anti-drug policy, Villanueva wants to remind us about the 6th commandments ‘thou shall not kill’ for no one has the right to take another person’s life. 

Villanueva pointed it out that JIL supported President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 elections and went as far as stating that all JIL members voted for the President. He then shared one of his memories, right after returning from his mission in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, “32 killings in Bulacan, 28 killings in Manila, just in a span of 9 hours” were the headlines that he immediately saw. 

"We support the resolve of the President to get rid of the drug menace in the country. However, this policy against drugs should not be at the expense of the rule of law," Villanueva said

Villanueva made his stand and said that, “as a Christian, I could not accept this. I believe in my heart, the President does not know this. These could be abuses of some scalawag members of the police system who decided to impress their superiors” and recalled that “there are some policemen who confessed to us, as Christian leaders” that there are policemen that aren’t “scalawag” and some are actually willing to resign for they can’t stomach the violence anymore. 

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Source: Rappler
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