Sunday, October 29, 2017

Roque to Duterte critics: "If you throw stones, I'll throw hollow blocks"

A fiery, whip-like tongue that can trigger anyone to instantly lash out, this is just one of the many similarities that the incoming Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque and President Rodrigo Duterte have in common. 

Roque states in yet another viral video of Mocha Uson that this is the reason why he was chosen. Which is something that really contrasts the current President Spokesman Ernesto Abella who is known to be soft and gentle. 

Roque continued on blasting his critics with his fire brand tongue, saying that “they had their time but they did nothing” and that his critics should just move on for they would die of jealousy.

He then made a solid stand and taunted his critics by telling them that he is ready for anything that they can throw.

"If, in the past, you were able to throw stones without anyone hitting back, be warned that if you throw stones, I won't just throw stones but hollow blocks," he said.

"Just wait for the adobe and hollow blocks that I will throw at you," he added.

"Stop throwing stones. If you want, just help the country with the many problems it is facing," he also said.

Roque was surprised by Duterte’s affirmation of his position as the Presidential Spokesman during his birthday celebration last Friday in Davao City. He is expected take the position over by the time Duterte returns from his three-day working visit to Japan..

Photo from Philstar

On the other hand, based on reports, Duterte was incredibly unhappy with Abella’s performance, specifically Abella’s irritation on the misdirected presidential outburst towards the European Union and the rationalization of Duterte’s sharp decline in ratings. 

Yet Abella’s office still upholds its position as Presidential Spokesman and states that due to the uncertainties tied to his attendance with Duterte in Tokyo, he ‘may’ still give press briefings next week.


Source: Philstar
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