Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Police Colonel points a gun to a Kim Atienza

Matanglawin host Kuya Kim Atienza was no exception to experience firsthand a violent attack from a police colonel in Laguna.

According to Rep. Atienza, his son together with his three other friends were cycling along a highway in Sta. Rosa, Laguna two weeks ago when suddenly, a car stopped in front of them. A man with a gun went out and pointed it in their heads. 

My son Kim, and his group. They were just cycling and exercising along the highways of Laguna, biglang may umovertake na kotse, galit na galit. Binabaan sila tinutukan ng baril sa mukha lahat,” said Rep. Atienza.

According to the congressman, his son and his friends were biking so fast to the point they got to overtake the car. The representative deduced that it might be the root of the man’s wrath towards his son.

Sabi daw sa kanila, ang yayabang nyo ah kaya nagulat sila Kim and they found out na police colonel sa Laguna. Natakot ang mga kasamahan ni Kim,” Rep. Atienza said.

The solon also shared how frightened he would get if ever his son and his friends would be shot.

Sakaling binaril sila Kim, lalagyan lang sila dun ng droga, a sachet of shabu and say they are all drug suspects,” said Atienza.

Rep. Atienza expressed how sad he was by the fact that there are still police officers involved in ceaseless killings. “They are not afraid to kill anymore.”

Source: Bandera Inquirer
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