Saturday, October 28, 2017

Netizen mocks those who will join the national healing walk on EDSA on Nov.5

Social media personality Jenifer Aquino sends a message to all of those who’d join this “re-enactment” of the People Power in EDSA. With the agenda to overthrow the government, this effort that’s disguised as “prayer rally“, baffles Aquino.

On her Facebook post, she states that the “tables have turned”, that this disgust for the government “more of utter disgust for the likes of you and your ilk”, referring to all those hypocritical elite who’ll join the rally against the Duterte Administration. 

Aquino shames those who view the government based on the opinions of other people, opinions which are basically second hand opinions of fallen personalities, discredited individuals or mindless fools. These shamed individuals as per say, “are zombies following an even bigger group of zombies”. 

Voicing out her thoughts logically, Aquino states that the Philippines has improved, the world has noticed it and these “snake skinned leaders” are bandwagon-ing on the efforts of the Duterte administration. Two faced leaders who pretend to be sympathetic to the government and its masses yet insult the same masses and government at the same time.

Aquino shouts out to the elite ‘disente’ few, who are too full of themselves, which could not accept the ‘masa’ the working class as the true people in power, the people ‘…that gives them chills, it gives you nightmares’ as stated by Aquino for all these ‘disentes’ are hypocrites.

The wealth of this nation and the wealth of a select few was mae and carried upon the backs, by the strength of the working class. We are the grease that made the wheels of the nation’s economy turn and have betrayed us all.” Aquino reminds the hypocritical ‘disentes’.

Aquino ends with a notable quote from “V for Vendetta”, a quote directed to the wealthy elites, the ‘disente’ instead of the Duterte administration, for they are the true bane of this country.

As posted on her Facebook,

“Dear Idiots.

I must say your audacity and temerity is astounding. Another EDSA? Under the guise of a "prayer rally"? All for show. Unfortunately, tables have turned. The disgust people felt in 86 isn't the same level of disgust people have today for the government but more of utter disgust for the likes of you and your ilk and yes, we are the majority, you on the other hand are the minority. Less than 5% of the total number of people who understand what is truly happening in this country. A major cleanup is underway, major constructions to ease the lives of people, benefits are being given, free education all the way up to college, better health care and most of all - less idiots on the road called addicts and pushers.

Your myopic view of this government based on the delusional and twisted opinions of people who want to regain their lost glory is pathetic enough. You're not only blind followers, you are zombies following an even bigger group of zombies who never did anything sincere for this country. You should have seen it by now but you haven't because you've got blinders on and you chose not to take it off.

And with the current improvements, you can't deny it anymore, the world sees it. So what does your snakeskinned "leaders" do? They try to join the bandwagon, grab credit that isn't due them and still people see them for what they really are. They pretend to be sympathetic to the current government but they really are not. They snicker and plot behind closed doors in the dark, they bandy clean reputations which is an epic fail. They insult the people but they can't argue the issues because they won't win and they know it. Its the same script over and over again and frankly you dweebs, its getting older by the second.

So, you want to get back EDSA on November 5? If you even remotely think you can overthrow this government, you forget - to achieve that, you need the majority of this country, not just your elite 'disente' few who are too full of themselves not to accept the fact that the working classes, the 'masa', the ordinary folk you flick your stubby noses at - are now the ones in power and that gives you chills, it gives you nightmares. Why? Because you're all hypocrites.

The wealth of this nation and the wealth of a select few was made and carried upon the backs, by the strength of the working class. We are the grease that made the wheels of the nation's economy turn and you have betrayed us all.

Remember, remember! 
The fifth of November, 
The Gunpowder treason and plot; 
I know of no reason 
Why the Gunpowder treason 
Should ever be forgot!
We are watching and we are ready.

Source: Jenifer Aquino
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