Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lucio Tan denies funding destab plots against Duterte administration

During the speech of President Rodrigo Duterte at the celebration of the 56th anniversary of the Philippine Constitution Association at the Manila Hotel, he said that he was warned by his advisers not to mess with business tycoon Lucio Tan because he could use his money to support a destabilization plot to oust him.

Walang mag… sabi nila, kasi magbigay daw ng pera sa kalaban para i-destabilize ka. Sabi ko, ‘Mabuti. Sige, mag-destabilize kayo. Pag nag-tilt itong bayan, ang abutin niyo sa akin, revolutionary government’. Only good for five years, hanggang… Wala nang iba,” he said.

However, Tan on Thursday, October 19, denied supporting destabilization efforts against the government and said that his family and group of companies are still supportive to the administration of Duterte.

I have not and will never support any attempt to undermine duly-constituted authority. That’s the plain and simple truth,” Tan said.

I will not sacrifice everything I worked for, including my family’s honor, by supporting any attempt to undermine those in power,” he added.

Being the 4th richest Filipino at the age of 83, Tan said he would only want an "easier life".

Recently, Duterte threatened the Philippine Airlines (PAL) that he will shut down Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 if Tan failed to settle his companies liabilities with the government.

Sabi ko, you are using government buildings, airport, you have a back… back -- utang diyan sa runway ‘di mo binabayaran,” Duterte said.

Meanwhile, PAL offered to settle P6 billion after the President's threat to cut off PAL's access to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. 

Source: Rappler
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