Sunday, October 8, 2017

Former TV host says Bam Aquino insulted Filipinos whom he said cannot understand satire

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Jay Sonza, the former host of Mel and Jay of GMA 7, fired at Senator Bam Aquino for the latter’s statement during the Senate hearing against fake news on Wednesday, that Filipinos cannot distinguish satire from actual news.

“Gago ka ba Bam Aquino? Ba't mo sasabihing hindi kami nakakaintindi ng satire. Huwag mo kaming idamay sa kabobohan puwede ba.,” Sonza said in his Facebook page.

During the senate hearing on fake news, Senator Aquino said that netizens were deceived by satire news sites.

He said that netizen’s comments on some satire sites showed that the people thought that the news released by these sites were real.

“Why do you assume that we are as stupid as you are. Ayaw kitang patulan, kaya lang taong bayan (kami) ang nagpapasuweldo sa iyo. Bukod sa suweldo mo may monthly allowance ka pa na P2,000,000.00.”

The former  broadcaster expressed offense at the comment.

“With all these privileges, you have the temerity to call as names, the very people you pledged to serve. SHAME ON YOU!”

Source: Jay Sonza


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