Sunday, October 29, 2017

Former Davao City Water District Director hits Monsod over Duterte's mental health issue

With the victory against the terrorists in Mindanao, desperate Yellowtards came with a new way of bashing our beloved President Rodrigo Duterte, by using below-the-belt blows that would cost them their own professionalism, it will make you question, how far is this opposition willing to go?

There is something diabolically dubious and desperate in the political opposition strategy to discredit and demonize Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.” Says Serafin Ledesma Jr., the former Davao City Water District Director, in his recent Facebook post a couple of days ago.

Ledesma stated that two well-known professionals, psychiatrist Dr. Ana Junia and former Economic Planning Secretary Solita Monsod tried to baselessly and senselessly bash Duterte and his supporters by claiming statements and creating allegations that would damage anyone’s reputation.

In a statement on Junia’s social media post recommended that “…doctors supportive of Duterte should be reviewed by the ethics board and sanctioned”, a recommendation lacking in both professionalism and respect for other’s political views.

Photo of Tranquilino and Winnie Monsod

In another post, Junia added that, “doctors not voicing out against the murder of 3-million are complicit to the killing”. This is something that Dr. Francisco Tranquilino of the Asian Hospital and Medical center rebuked her with the question, “whoever told her that the solution to drug problem is murder?” And followed up with another question on Junia’s senseless recommendation, “…where in the hell did you get the idea that all deaths related to the war on drugs are state-sanctioned? Yes, the police maybe involved in some, but these are not sanctioned by the government. It is no way near that”. Then Tranquilino added that this anti-Duterte doctor is getting her facts from the wrong premise and that her statistic was false. Soon after, Tranquilino suggested that "… you clear your facts first before accusing your colleague of any unethical conduct. Otherwise such malicious, unsubstantiated allegations against a colleague may constitute violation of the Professional Regulation Commission and the Philippine Medical Association Code of Ethics”

On the other hand, the same, Dr. Tranquilino did not let former Economic Planning Secretary Solita Monsod’s column on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, to just pass by. Monsod questioned the capability of Duterte to run the Philippines due to his narcissistic behavior and this urged Tranquilino to educated Monsod with “medical journals that are replete with citations that the world's greatest leaders display some kind of narcissistic syndrome described by Monsod. Those who belong to the same category as Duterte are: John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush, Woodrow Wilson, Tony Blair and Richard Nixon to name a few. Surely, Duterte is in good company.” As narrated by Ledesma.

At the end of Ledesma’s post he stated a realization, that Monsod’s ideal leaders, Cory Aquino and Benigno Simeon Aquino III were excluded from the list of greatness for “the duo almost pushed our country on the edge of a failed state” and ended with this “BSA III (Nonoy Aquino) has some kind of psychiatric disorder but it’s not the type of syndrome Monsod described which great men are afflicted with.”

Source: Facebook / Serafin Ledesma Jr
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