Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Battle of Undas 2017 Movies: The Ghost Bride vs Spirit of the Glass 2

Battle of Undas 2017 Movies: The Ghost Bride vs Spirit of the Glass 2

Two local horror movies are opening simultaneously this November 1.

The first one tells a story of an ancient Chinese traidtion while the other a popular indoor game seeking the attention of ghosts.

Watch: Teaser of Ghost Bride starring Kim Chiu and Matteo Guidicelli

The Ghost Bride stars Kim Chiu in her title lead role in a horror movie with Matteo Guidicelli as her leading man under the direction of Chito Roño for Sar Cinema.

Kim plays Mayen, a Filipino-Chinese who lives with her family in Binondo, Manila. A crisis hit their household when her father fell sick. A mysterious lady played by Alice Dixson offered her a business proposal which promises a huge payment in return - that is to marry a dead person.

  Spirit of the Glass 2 (The Haunted) movie trailer

Spirit of the Glass 2 (The Haunted) stars Cristine Reyes, Benjamin Alves, and Daniel Matsunaga under the direction of Joey Reyes for Octo Arts Films.

Three friends gain popularity through social media: BEA, LISETTE, and CHELSEA, each has their own partners. They would be ensnared in the complicated world of the supernatural because of an article inherited by BEA from her grandaunt --- an Ouija board, which opens the gates of the other world for spirits to connect with them. They are harassed by these disturbed souls to help them seek justice, for a crime committed fifty years ago.

So which movie do you prefer?


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