Wednesday, September 13, 2017

UST Alumnus: Vote for CHR’s 1k budget is a vote against CHR Chair Chito Gascon

Netizen emphasizes that the budget allotment worth Php 1000 for the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is a lesson and attack not against the whole office itself, but against the CHR Chairperson Chito Gason for his allegedly “biased leadership”.

UST Alumnus Mark Lopez even pointed out the propaganda and public relations (PR) strategy the Yellows were pulling off by victimizing Gascon and vilifying the Duterte administration.

Just as other Yellow politicians made their attempts, so was Gascon accused by Lopez of the possibility that the former was part of the destabilization efforts against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Lopez concludes that Gascon embodies everything wrong and dirty in politics. From the impeachment of Reynato Corona to the propaganda spread by foreign media reports like Agnes Callamard.

In his full post on Facebook, Lopez said,


That Congress voted to give P1k annual budget for the Commission of Human Rights is simply a vote of no confidence in Chito Gascon.

Yes Chito, it's about you and your clearly biased leadership. You did nothing but abuse an office for your partisan activities.

If you really care about Human Rights, all you need to do is resign.

Of course it is expected that you and your dilawan elites will milk this issue and make you appear the underdog hero being bullied by a Congress that is so allied with a very popular president.


The thing is, it is also what your patrons did when they were in power.

Remember CJ Corona?

Now that you are at the receiving end, you have the option to cling to that post like what a trapo would do, and then continue with your destabilization efforts.

Yes we know you are part of the cabal who conceptualized the sordid plots which include Matobato, Lascañas, the Leni UN video, the Trillanes-Alejano ICC adventure, and the recruitment of Agnes Callamard and Phelim Kline as your allies. And we know your close coordination with church leaders and their hypocritical moves.

These are the activities that you all did, thanks in large part to taxpayer money that was put in the coffers of CHR.

Yes, we know how you keep on abusing the CHR to undermine this administration.

Yes, we know you are one of the leading figures in making our country look bad in the eyes of the global community.

Yes we know Mr. Gascon, that you really are not in this to uphold Human Rights in its purest sense.

You are here representing what is humanly wrong with politics!
Resign now Sir!"


Source: Facebook / Mark Lopez
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