Sunday, September 24, 2017

UP graduate shares a post of a father’s apprehension towards his son’s school, brainwashing their students

UP graduate KE Isaac Zechnas received a message written by a father who explicitly voiced out his concern about his son’s school requiring their students to practice for their intramural presentations even though no classes were hold last September 21 in accordance with the National Day of Protest which was declared by President Duterte. The netizen posted the message in her Facebook account last September 22.

According to Zechnas, on the night of September 21, the Grade 7 son told his father that they were called from their practice and were presented videos and testimonies about the evils of Martial Law. And their teachers even told them that ALL Filipinos are now in Luneta protesting against the President.

In the post, the son got interested to know more about the things he just learned so he asked his father about it. Consequently, the father got alarmed by the idea that the information being fed to students during the presentation is effective enough that it even retained in his son’s mind as well as made him believe all about it.

The father also accused the Yellows that this is their propaganda to brainwash students for their future interests. 

Zechnas said that the sender of the message wanted not to be named for him to protect his child’s privacy given the fact that he’s son is studying in a prominent school in Visayas.

Read the full post below:

"Yesterday, my son do not have classes but were required to be in school to practice for their intramural presentations. Today is their intrams.

Last night he told me that all high school students were called from their practice and gathered. They were presented about the evils of Martial Law. They were shown videos and testimonies. They were even told that the song "Sarangola ni Pepe" is about loosing our freedom. Their teachers told them that ALL Filipinos are now in Luneta protesting against the President.

He asked me about what he just learned and if it is true that all Filipinos hate the President because of Martial Law. I did a lot of explaining last night..I even showed him posts of rallies.

I realized that something is not right. What bothers me is how effective their presentation and that even a grade 7 pupil was able to grasp their message, retain information and believed. Ginagapang na nila ang next generation voters. 5 years from now these high schools will all be voting and if we parents are not vigilant nauuto na pala ang mga anak natin with their lies! LP may be few yesterday but backstage they have a strategy pala. We might be looking in the wrong direction.

This maybe the reason why PRRD suspended the classes. Maybe he already have an intel about this prepared presentation for students - the next generation voters. 

If they were not able to present it to their students yesterday maybe they will one of these days.. 

Let us continue to warn and be watchful.

PS. The one who sent this do not want to be publicly identified 'coz well known sya sa school and do not want the junakis to be affected somewhere in the Visayas."

Source: KE Isaac Zechnas
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