Saturday, September 23, 2017

UN’s US Ambassador Nikki Haley advised UN to give Duterte “space to run his nation”

UN’s US Ambassador advised UN to give Duterte “space to run his nation”
US Ambassador Nikki Haley and President Rody Duterte
The United Nations general assembly received a good dose of advice from their very own US Ambassador Nikki Haley about interfering with the politics in the Philippines.

Haley explains that “the Philippines is suffocating” because of the intrusive meddling of international communities including that of UN and human rights groups.

In only his second year, President Rodrigo Duterte continually receives criticisms from international leaders and organizations especially on his illegal drug war campaign. These human rights watchdogs claim that Duterte’s intensified efforts againt illegal drugs has resulted to thousand of lives lost due to extrajudicial killings and summary executions.

However, Haley asserts that in recognizing and respecting the Philippines’ sovereignty, it is not in the UN’s “purview to decide administrative issues for the Philippines” and that, in criticizing and scheming legal actions against Duterte, the UN and similar groups have become “destructive forces” that hindered Duterte from jumpstarting his programs.

Human rights groups should be impartial and apolitical when “dispensing duties”, as Haley explained. In the case of the Philippines, they should hold consultations with Duterte instead of outright lambasting him which also affects the image of the Philippines.

In a full summary post on netizen Eric Clark Su’s Facebook and The Manila Times' article, Haley said,


'The Philippines is suffocating. We must give President Duterte the space to run his nation. We must respect their independence … It is not in our purview to decide administrative issues for the Philippines. That is the job of their president.'

'Destructive forces have never given the Duterte administration enough space to jump-start his programs of government; they did not even afford him the proverbial honeymoon period…. Now, they have calibrated their plot to ouster movements and this is just the second year of his presidency.'

"...human rights groups including the UN itself, be impartial and not take political sides while dispensing duties in any particular nation.

"HR groups in the Philippines should engage in consultations with the Duterte government and shun political stances which may lead to a loss of relevance and credibility for the country."

Source/s: Eric Clark Su, Manila Times


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