Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Retired General reveals "Who are destabilizing our nation?"

Destabilize is a term defined by Cambridge as an act to make a government, area or political group lose power or control, or to make a political economic situation less strong or safe, by causing changes and problems.

Such word is used by a former military and a graduate of master of national security administration at the national defense college of the Philippines and forensics at north Carolina justice academy Abe Purungganan in a public post on his Facebook account entitled “WHO ARE DESTABILIZING THE NATION?

In his post, he mentioned of several groups he presumed are prominent in the current battle field that wants to take the president off his office and listed them from A-F which are:

A. The YELLOWS pertaining to the liberal party, yellow clergy and the yellow army including human rights groups.

B. The REJECTIONIST GROUP (RJ), where abe mentioned of the akbayan party list and their sectoral organizations.

C. The REAFFIRMIST GROUP (RA) that includes the CPP Party List, the left leaning clergy, mass and sectoral organizations and the NPA

D. MAGDALO ni Trillanes

In his post, Purungganan din not only enumerate but also shared his view on the strategy of the said destabilizers, the YELLOWS he said, wants a mass protest that will lead to people power and wanting the president duterte to be impeached, and the one who will capitalize in open mass movement and will flirt with the ruling system and the elite will be the RJ’s that will grab power in cities for urban insurrection.

While the RA’s he said are for a “protracted war” that will use the strategy to encircle the cities from to overthrow the government and the MAGDALO group of senator Antonio Trillanes IV is in agreement with the RJ’s and the YELLOWS yet having their own way of war and agendas. 

Drug syndicates definitely wants President Rodrigo Duterte out he said, for the continuance of the governance of the present administration means great loss for the drug trade and on the other side the aim of placing Leni Robredo (Vice President of the Philippines) in power by the efforts of the US Liberals. 

Then he concluded that all strategies combined will lead to the usual street protest that can lead to urban insurrection and people power and then place Robredo in power.

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Source: Abe Purugganan
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