Tuesday, September 19, 2017

READ: Letter of St. Scholastica's Academy in Marikina encouraging parents to have their children join the Sept 21 rally.

From the Office of the Directress

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Employees and Students of SSAM:


This is a time in our history when we are challenged to get involved in what is happening in our country. Streets has become a killings fields. Everyday, the news is field with the killing of Filipinos young and old in the campaign against illegal drugs.

On September 21, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) issued a declaration:

In the name of God, stop the killings! May the justice of God come upon those responsible for the killings!
For the good of the country, stop the killings!
For the sake of the children and the poor, stop their systematic murders and spreading reign of terror! In memory of those killed, let us start the healing of our bleeding nation.

All of us are concerned. We are wondering where our country is going. We want to be active and so our religious leaders are calling us for pakikiramay, pakikipagkapwa-tao and malasakit in action, action which is Christian. And this is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal - the action of prayer.

We are invited to pray for our country, for those killed in the campaign against drugs as well as all victimes of violence and the war in Marawi.

We are invited to join in a FORTY DAY period of Prayer starting SEPTEMBER 23 to NOVEMBER 1 TO PRAY THE Rosary daily and receive Holy Communion for those killed.

We are encouraged to light candles in front of the homes of those killed, as well as in cemeteries and in public places where victims lost their lives.

We are urged to give support to the bereaved families such as support for the schooling of the orphaned children. Almsgiving covers many sins. Almsgiving heals.

I am addressing this letter to all the sectors in SSAM to take the course of action opened to us which is well within our capability. We are all urged to join the multi-sectoral gathering at the Luneta on September 21, from 4 to 8pm on the theme "Stop the killings! Never again to Tyranny and Dictatorship."

May all of us respond to this call for prayer and Almsgiving issued by our bishops as our expression of love for our country and our people. May God grant all of us the grace to pray for our country.

Sister Josefina G. Nepomuceno, OSB


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