Sunday, September 17, 2017

Opposition doubts Gascon protest is just Duterte’s ploy to put in CHR puppet

Anti-Dutertes were quick to suspect that the movement for the resignation of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairperson Chito Gascon was so President Rodrigo Duterte could institute a “puppet” from his administration to lead the commission.

But social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera counters that Duterte had initially allocated a bigger budget for the CHR. It was the House of Representatives that deducted it down to Php 1000 of whom most are former members of the same party Gascon is in.

Rivera also pointed out that Gascon’s credibility has greatly eroded since he had been overt with his political leanings and had used the agency to pursue vested interests. The downfall of the CHR is entirely because of Gascon’s mishandling of it.

In his full post on Facebook, Rivera said,

"Nakita niyo ba ang budget na inallocate ni PRD para sa CHR? Di ba nga ang HoR ang nagbaba nito. At karamihan ng nasa House mga dating miyembro ng partido ni Gascon. Dating LP ang Majority Floor Leader. Hindi kaya ni Speaker na gawin ito. At anong script? Di ba kayo ang mahilig sa script. Mas mukha lang kaming artista.

Bakit namin paparesignin si Gascon eh konting panahon na lang at tapos na din siya. Tutal, ano pa ang credibilidad niya. Dapat nga galit sa kanya ang buong tanggapan ng CHR because due to his obvious political color, the whole agency suffered a credibility slump. Do not blame the House or PRD or even the DDS, guys. The reason for the CHR dilemma is Gascon's doing.

There were so many instances in the past that the CHR should have voiced out and crossed party lines. The SAF 44, the North Cotabato shootings even the disapracedos during PNoys term but have you heard Gascon make noise. So, granting that the CHR had every reason to make noise now in light of the killings in the war on drugs...ang reaction ng taong bayan: NGAYON LANG?!!!

Silent No More, script niyo yan. Gascon is the presidential canine that PNoy appointed because honestly no one wants the CHR job knowing how inutile it is in light of its constitutional mandate. See, like a canine who is loyal to his master, he has proven that in the past year."


Source: Facebook / Bruce Rivera
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