Sunday, September 17, 2017

Netizen tells how life was before Duterte’s war on drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte has been frequently criticized for his war on illegal drugs campaign, but a netizen shares the story of his experiences before Duterte stepped into power.

Gerardo Luis Fernandez narrates of the frequent killings in his locale. Even simple everyday tasks like falling in line or riding a jeep was prone to shootouts. Rape cases were rampant. Hold-ups, abductions, and mugging happened on an almost daily occurrence. Minors were even used as hired killers.

The widespread fear and crime significantly dropped by the time Duterte became president and instituted intensive measures to stop crime and illegal drugs. Fernandez asserts that with the Yellows trying to criticize and destabilize Duterte’s efforts, they are technically re-instituting the old, horrible ways of the past.

In his full post on Facebook, Fernandez said,

"Why I fully support Duterte in his war against drugs?  

I used to live in a very dangerous community where killings had been an ordinary occurrence.  Corpses would be dropped at anyone's doorstep; people would be shot while falling in line or buying something in a store; riding in tandems would just shoot anyone while they were waiting for a jeep or a bus.  Rape victims would be dragged out of the sugarcane fields. 

There was even a time when kidnappers hid their victims in a house a few blocks away from me.   I was held up several times and had been mugged so many times.  Drugs were peddled on the streets like ordinary street foods and addicts would threaten you with guns and knives if you wouldn't give them money. 

Some of my students were even hired killers and they would kill for only 500 pesos.  How could we report them to the authorities when their group was backed up by the authorities themselves? This was the way of life before Duterte became president.  Apparently this is what the YELLOWS are fighting for.  They want to go back to this kind of society. Ironically what they are ranting is to end the killings, impunity, tyranny, blah blah blah but it's the other way around.  They never cared about the victims of criminals, they care so much about the useless lives of criminals for whatever crazy reasons they have - The real tyrants are the yellows, and as long as they are allowed to voice out their deceptions and lies, this country will always be in danger.."


Source: Facebook
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