Saturday, September 23, 2017

National Youth Commision Assistant Secretary slashes back at Duterte’s critics

President Duterte’s appointed National Youth Commission Assistant Secretary Ronald Gian Carlo Cardema calls out the attention of the president’s critics to stop backlashing him nor the president.

I believe in this guy and so does the more than 80% of the Philippine Republic. If you’re my friend and you don’t believe in this guy, I don’t have any problems with that, we can still be friends. If you’re my friend and you hate me because you hate this guy, that’s another thing, you should delete me now instead of collecting my Duterte posts and forwarding it to your fellow Anti-Dutertes.”, he said in his Facebook post.

Despite the criticisms being thrown at the Commander-in-Chief, the Duterte Youth Chairman would still defend him with all his life.

Hindi perpekto ang ating Pangulo, hindi ka rin perpekto, hindi rin ako perpekto. Kahit yung mga natalong mga kandidato pagkaPangulo noong nakaraang eleksyon. Kahit na siguro ang Panginoong Diyos ang maging Presidente ng Pilipinas mahahanapan pa rin ng mga Pilipino ng puna,” he added.

The graduate of the Philippine Military Academy also emphasized how our culture of criticism - finding fault at other people and finding people to blame – must be obliterated in our mindset. But instead, indoctrinate the millions of Filipino youth of today, to become nationalistic, to become nation-builders, to become disciplined and productive members of society and to become well-trained defenders of themselves, of their families, of their communities and of our country, he suggested.

Tama na away, Pro-duterte and Anti-Duterte ka man, we must unite as a Filipino race, in transforming this world country into a very powerful Southeast Asian Nation. (And hindi na pwedeng small steps dahil na nga tayo, kelangan ng radical reforms para makahabol tayo at malampasan natin sila, at manguna tayo sa Southeast Asia.),” he said.

Read the screenshot of his full post below:

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