Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gascon criticizes the government for refusing half of the Human Rights recommendations of UN

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairman Jose Luis Martin Gascon no-holds-barred expressed how disappointed he was on the decision of the administration to not accept the 154 of 257 proposals of UN member countries regarding the country’s human rights violation.

They are actually denying that there are extrajudicial killings occurring in the country. They are further denying that there is a culture of impunity,” said Gascon.

The government retorted they cannot support 99 of the recommendations because the processes required to implement them are beyond their control. Also, the administration cannot back up the other 55 recommendations as they were “sweeping, vague and even contradictory”.

According to reports, most of the recommendations that the Philippines rejected pertained to the investigation of alleged extrajudicial killings, putting a stop on the reimposition of the death penalty as well as stopping the lowering of the age of criminal liability.

That is not reflected by the reality on the ground. Many human rights defenders, victims of human rights violations suffer threats and intimidation on a regular basis,” Gascon rebutted.

The CHR chair remarked various instances of doublespeak on the part of the administration, including President Duterte’s extending invitation for the UN to establish local human rights offices in the country.

The alleged Liberal Party pawn’s statement is contradictory to the efforts of the government in approving half of UN’s recommendations that includes the development of a National Human Rights Framework and the protection of rights like health, education and favorable work conditions.

Source: Philstar
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