Monday, September 11, 2017

Former DepEd officer commemorates death of ex-NPA grandmother: "NPA members have been systematically brainwashed"

The story of former President Ferdinand Marcos is lost in propaganda especially after the Aquinos took power and changed how history tells of the Marcos era, but a writer and former DepEd officer shares the story of her grandmother and how the New People’s Army (NPA) and other rebel groups were brainwashed to go against Marcos.

Drei Toledo, despite having come from a family of Martial Law prisoners and rebels, announced that she was one with all the people who looks forward to celebrating the 100th birthday of the late Marcos president on September 21, 2017 (Thursday).

Toledo then narrated the story of her grandmother known as Perla “Ka-Jojo” Somonod, former member of the NPA, and how she lost her first husband and their child because of the ongoing rebellions against the government.

Somonod was eventually caught and jailed by the government. When she was released to society, Toldeo narrates of her grandmother slowly reintegrating herself with the people. Eventually, Somonod was renowned for her community projects which, as Toldeo claims, left a legacy that empowered many Mindanaons. 

Because of her experience with the NPA, Somonod shared how they were being used as mere instruments to achieve the goal of the few powerful figures who sought the decline of the Marcos regime.

It was the late Ninoy Aquino, along with Jose Maria Sison and Nur Misuari, who manipulated and utilized the NPA to arouse anti-Marcos sentiments. Eventually, even the Church fortified these propaganda and became NPa sympathizers.

Toledo shares that this was the story behind the seemingly anti-Marcos NPA .

In her full post on Facebook, Toledo said,

"Today, July 27th, is the 4th death anniversary of my Aunt, Nanay Pearl. She died of bone and breast cancer. Through culture, music and the arts, she left a rich legacy of empowering thousands of women, men, youth and children all over Mindanao. She dedicated her life to building capacity, skills and livelihood for indigent groups and indigenous peoples. Emphasizing the need for spiritual solutions to economic problems, and pioneering interfaith dialogue in the grassroots level, she has definitely left this world just a tiny bit better off than when she was born into it.

In her youth, however, she was not always an agent of peaceful change.

Communists know her as "Ka-Jojo" of Mindanao. She was a political prisoner and an ex-NPA member in the 70s. Her torture case was featured in the book "CONJUGAL DICTATORSHIP" by Primitivo Mijares.

When she joined the New People's Army (NPA) and went underground, she met her first love and they were "married by the bullet." Her first husband Nicolas Solana was a law school graduate from Davao. He was part of the massacred UG bloc that passed through Davao back in the day when it was still notoriously known as the "No Man's Land" of Mindanao. Due to rebellion, Nanay Pearl lost both Nicolas & their baby.

Nanay Pearl is only one of the handful of ex-Communist rebels from my family.

After being released by the military, my aunt left the Communist movement, slowly and surely reintegrated herself with society, and became an active member of the Baha'i Faith.

Knowing full well, all the violent crimes NPA members have been systematically brainwashed to carry out since the 70s, I do not condone the crimes committed by my own family.

I value TRUTH, JUSTICE, OBJECTIVITY, INTEGRITY, and PEACE. It is deeply tragic how we lost family members during the Marcosian Martial Law period. The reality, however, is that they were brainwashed by priests and nuns who were NPA sympathizers. Later on, they were used as unwitting pawns by the Malaysia-funded traitor Ninoy Aquino, and his partners in crime, Joma Sison and Nur Misuari. The enemy was never Ferdinand Marcos. It was NINOY AQUINO, and his insatiable greed.

We must all learn from our history as a nation, and not allow cunning and self-serving politicians to brainwash and use our CHILDREN and YOUTH to rebel against our own government.

As we said our round of prayers as a family at 2:00 A.M. today, my special dedication was for Nanay Pearl's soul to intercede with the ongoing peace process, to help move the hearts and minds of the remaining NPA members, and for them to finally AWAKEN FROM THEIR DEEP and DEADLY SLUMBER.

My mother could not say more than one line for each prayer she said. My father had to continue and finish it for her. My mother sobbed inconsolably for a good solid hour. It was heartbreaking...

Until we meet each other again, Nanay Pearl. From wherever you are right now, I know you are always watching over me. My prayer is that through my actions and good deeds to serve our country, I am able to help in redeeming you and Uncle Nicolas, for all the atrocities you both unwittingly became instruments of.



Source: Facebook / Drei Toledo
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