Saturday, September 2, 2017

Duterte’s dare not new; in 2001 he vowed to shoot his son if anyone can give him proof

This is not the first time President Rodrigo Duterte has heard of rumors linking his son to the illegal drug trade, although nothing in the past could ever prove that his family members are linked to such illegal activity.

Sixteen years ago, as Davao City Mayor, Rodrigo also caught wind of the rumor that his son was linked to illegal drugs. All that he sought that time was proof and a “credible and true witness” to verify the information. However, none came.

When local media outlet MindaNews interviewed Rodrigo in 2001 on the alleged involvement of his son Paolo in the illegal drug trade, Rodrigo said, “pati ako raw… Nag-research ako, and I studied the matter very carefully, seriously. Sinabi ko sa anak ko (Paolo), ‘wag na wag kang pumasok dyan sa put–nang droga na yan kasi gagawain kitang example. Kung kaya kong mag-resign (nung) nanuntok ka lang, kaya kitang patayin kung…hiyain mo ako’.

The President had always promised the public that he would willingly take down his son should it be proven that he is involved in illegal activities.

When Rodrigo’s son punched a security guard during his term as congressman, Rodrigo was all set to step down from his post after the security guard refused to file a case in fear of the Duterte political power.

Unfortunately, nobody accepted my resignation but I was ready to go down,” Rodrigo said.

In the case of illegal drugs, the President said that, “just produce a credible and true witness (that my son is involved in drugs) and I’m going to resign as mayor of Davao City and I will shoot my son in front of you. Siguraduhin mo lang yan kay pag hindi, ikaw talaga babarilin ko. Yan ang trade off ko sa iyo (You better be sure because if you’re not, I will shoot you. That is my trade off with you). I will resign from the mayorship anytime. I don’t have any illusions dyan sa mayor mayor na yan. I can always run again and win. I can sacrifice a few years. I can lose my child. Dalawa yang anak ko (na lalaki). May mga apo na ako na lalaki [I have two sons. I already have grandsons] I  can lose (my son).”

However, Rodrigo refuses to prompt his son to undergo a drug test and, instead, told that those who are interested to have his son undergo a drug test should ask him personally.

Now that recent allegations have risen against Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo and brother-in-law Manases Carpio, Rodrigo is clipped in a similar situation.

This is a nationwide broadcast so I might as well tell you. I am not defending my son. Prove it, (prove) it is true, and I will resign,” the President said, adding that if anyone in his family is involved in corruption, “bababa ako pagka-Presidente (I will step down as President). No excuses, no apologies. Pero ‘yun totoo lang. Now, all they have to do is to prove kasi ‘yung dating ‘yung — it’s a rehash actually of — during the last elections.”


Source: MindaNews
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