Friday, September 29, 2017

Duterte: Trillanes uses his offshore bank accounts to remove him from office

In an interview with newsman Erwin Tulfo aired on state-run PTV4 on Friday night, President Rodrigo Duterte threw another allegation against his critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for using his offshore bank accounts not for his personal use but rather, for financing a destabilization campaign against his administration.

The President added that Trillanes was able to terminate his Singapore account online on the night of September 8. 

He terminated it online on September 8, 2017 past 10 p.m. then left for Singapore,” the President said

Days later, he signed a bank waiver and left for Singapore.

Moreover, the chief executive claimed that the funds transferred to Trillanes’ accounts were in small amounts to avoid being detected by the Anti-Money Laundering Council. 

Maliliit lang e. Kasi kung iisahin mo account yan. Aabot yan doon sa limit na kailangan tanungin ka kung saan mo nakuha ang pera. Bank of Asia is 46. Maliit yan hindi yan pakikialaman. Pero doon sa bigger picture, yung country nagbigay nito, pinagiipon-ipon yan lahat,” he said

The money being deposited came from the solicitations of Trillanes from his parties and “clients” as well as from large corporations which he asked for funds in exchange for not causing trouble for them.

Yung itong bank account na blue, yun yung nagbigay ng pera. Tapos siguro yun ang nagbigay kasi ano siya, co-depositor. Itong mga pera na ito. Arturo Ang Chua…Michelle Sy, Patrick Go. International transfer, kita niyo amount. John Gomez,” he said.

Yung Red, doon niya nilipat. So ‘yung fund transfer withdrawal is 40 [thousand] kay Juan Antonio F. Trillanes pati Robert Fong. Ewan ko kung sino yun. Fund transfer withdrawal 36,000. Bank of East Asia Hong Kong. Kasi Manila Branch na ito,” he added.

The senator defended himself by retorting that Duterte is only pulling off this trick again so that he could divert people’s attention from prying over the issues involving his family.

Mga bagong imbento ni Duterte. Anyway, that’s an obvious diversion from his billion peso bank accounts that were confirmed by the Ombudsman,” the senator said.

Nonetheless, first thing on Monday, I would sign waivers for these accounts so that the AMLC can look into and examine them. Wala ng drama kasi wala akong tinatago,” he added.

He then dared Duterte: “What about you Mr. Duterte kelan ka magpapakalalaki at pipirma ng waivers?

Source: Inquirer
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