Thursday, September 14, 2017

Duterte tells Trillanes to “fly a kite” after demands to show his bank account

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is relentless in pursuing President Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged bank accounts containing wealth not indicated in the President’s Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN).

Duterte had simply retorted, “go somewhere else and fly a kite.”

The President insulted the senator’s intelligence after the latter insisted on Duterte to sign a bank secrecy waiver that would make his bank accounts public and ready for perusal.

If he want[s] to get evidence, do not get it from my mouth. You must be stupid, even if it is true or false,” Duterte said of Trillanes.

The President even went as far as surmising that maybe Trillanes had simply gotten lucky when he qualified for the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

I don’t know his IQ... Maybe he’s just lucky that he was able to enter PMA (Philippine Military Academy). But ang Quotient nito ni Trillanes, it’s about 14. Hindi nga umabot ng 15,” Duterte said.

Trillanes, on the other hand, had signed his bank secrecy waivers which will now allow media to publish his bank accounts.

Despite this, Duterte continues to threaten the senator saying that he would willingly publicize Trillanes’ foreign assets if he keeps persecuting and humiliating his family.

Alam mo naman, si Trillanes, he thinks that really people are ignorant... ‘Yang joint account niya, may partner siya na Chinese,” Duterte said.


Source: Philstar
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