Monday, September 18, 2017

Davaeño lawyer disappointed at KADAMAY for forcefully occupying housing

The Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY) was caught in a controversy after they forcefully occupied housing units of a housing project in Pandi, Bulacan that was originally built for soldiers, policemen, firemen, and jail personnel.

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan from Davao was enraged by the brash act of the organization and said that had it been the Aquino’s term right now, they would have been massacred like the Mendiola and Luisita Massacres.

The Kadamay is currently “left alone” to occupy the housing units because, as Paglinawan explains, it is President Rodrigo Duterte’s time now and he is consenting towards their brash actions.

It should have merited the group’s gratitude, but instead, they never uttered a word of thanks. However, Paglinawan clarifies that “when it comes to law, justice, and equality” he is on the side of Kadamay. 

The Davao lawyer simply regrets Kadamay’s lack of “humility” considering their previous situation and how they were freely permitted up until now to settle into the housing units.

In his successive posts on Facebook, Paglinawan said,

Itong KADAMAY ang talagang siniswerte.

Isipin natin ha:

1. Kung ginawa nila yung kanilang stunt sa panahon ni Marcos, Lupao Massacre ang kahihinatnan nila.

2. Sa panahon ni Cory, Mendiola Massacre ang title sa rise and fall to pieces movie nila.

3. Sa panahon ni Noynoy, that fucking freak, Luisita Massacre ang post-credits shit sa kanila.

Pero dahil sa panahon ni Duterte sila nag-asal hayop at nag-abuso... well...

They got the housing units. They are alive. And left alone.

Putang ina nyo. Magkaroon naman kayo ng pagkamuhi sa pagkawili.

Pag-baton mo'g utang-kabubut-on. Letse. Nanga-unsa mo? Tungod kay naay buot ang presidente, nawad-an na dayon mo'g maayong batasan?

Ma-o na ba na karon ang bag-ong kabus?

Wala man lang gani mo nagpasalamat.

I disagree with people who call Kadamay lazy bastards.

No. They worked for it. Poverty itself is hard work. Fighting for equal rights and social services is hard work.

They forgot good citizenship, humility, fairness and gratitude.

Which would have been very light work.

[Understand, if you may, that when it comes to law, justice and equality, I am with Kadamay.]


Source: Facebook / Ahmed Paglinawan
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