Friday, September 22, 2017

Columnist’s predictions about Duterte Administration come true

In a Facebook post written by the columnist, Jose Alejandrino which was shared by the presidential sister, Jocellyn Duterte Villarica, he opened up his implicit predictions about the results of the national elections last year as well as the events happening in today’s administration.

He said that he already saw it coming that Rodrigo Duterte would win the presidency as well as the president’s margin of votes he obtained to his closest rival, Mar Roxas.
The write up of Alejandrino was entitled “WHAT I HAD PREDICTED”.

Read below the full write up of Jose Alejandrino.

By: Jose Alejandrino

Before the May elections were held, I had predicted that Rodrigo Duterte would win by a margin of 7-8 million votes. He obtained 6.6 million votes over his closest rival Mar Roxas.

I had predicted there would be massive cheating to ensure the LP won the vice-presidency and obtained a majority in the Senate. Leni Robredo was declared VP and the LP got, including Hontiveros who is really a closet LP and die-hard Aquino supporter, six of the twelve senatorial seats up for grabs.

I had predicted the LP would break up. It did after the elections.

I had predicted after the elections the LP would conspire to oust or kill President Duterte and replace him with Leni Robredo. I had warned that if the president was killed, we would have a bloody revolution. In her visit to the US, Robredo announced her role as VP was to wait for something to happen to the president. She met with Fil-Americans plotting against Duterte. The LP spokesman Philip Lustre wrote that she was advised to be ready to replace Duterte. At the De Lima Senate hearing, Antonio Trillanes, the attack dog of Aquino and LP, warned PNP chief Bato that Duterte won't always be there to protect him, implying the police force should stop supporting the president.

I did not say that the LP plan was to impeach Duterte because I knew it did not have the numbers in the lower house to go down this road due to mass defections to the PDP-Laban.

What I wrote after the elections was that there would be a conspiracy made up of former members of the Aquino government who risk being charged for corruption, some rich oligarchs, druglords and their cohorts. Their platform, I wrote, would be Leila de Lima's Senate hearings to discredit the president by exaggerated EJKs and violations of human rights to gain the attention of the foreign media. This is why I called Senate president Koko Pimentel a damn fool for giving De Lima the chairmanship of the committee on justice and human rights. It was like giving her a loaded gun with which to shoot the president.

My prediction was accurate. The foreign media picked up the stories of De Lima's hearings. So did the US State Department and the UN. Human rights activists appeared on foreign TV to denounce Duterte and a protest rally was held in New York, paid by anti-Duterte Fil-Americans, calling the president a mass murderer. The LP, despite its denial of a conspiracy, did not stop there. De Lima and Trillanes brought a hit man to testify about Duterte's Davao Death Squads. De Lima was caught coaxing the witness who was found lying when cross-examined by Ping Lacson. The conspiracy became obvious as Alan Cayetano pointed out. More obvious still when De Lima stopped Alan from talking on the flimsy ground he had abused his time limit and when Trillanes abruptly shut off Alan's microphone.

Trillanes, who was responsible for the black propaganda against Duterte during the presidential campaign, is reportedly recruiting assassins to kill Duterte. The president is aware of these plots. Already one was foiled during the presidential campaign. PNP chief Bato discovered another from a gun order by some individual. As I wrote, these plots are real and not surprising because the president's war against illegal drugs has dented the profits of druglords.

I had also written that the senatorial campaigns of LP senators like Drilon and De Lima were financed by drug money. The first hearing today of the lower house on the going-ons in Bilibid by druglord Herbert Colangco where he testified he had collected some 60 million pesos for De Lima's campaign fund merely confirms what I had written earlier.

The conspiracy to destroy Duterte won't end until the Opposition has ousted or killed him. The president himself alluded to this in a recent speech. The only way to stop the conspirators is for the people to hold a massive rally like the one at the Luneta last May 7 where over one million of his supporters turned up, with simultaneous rallies in other cities and towns on the same day, to establish a revolutionary government like for Cory Aquino at Edsa 30 years ago and give the president revolutionary powers like Cory had. Duterte may or may not use them but the fact of having them is like a sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of plotters. It will serve as a deterrent to would-be conspirators and allow the president to accomplish his program of change for which he was elected. It will stop the destabilization of the country. I invite everybody to read the People's Proclamation that I proposed be read out to the crowds by the coordinators of the rallies.

People Power is by the sole initiative of the people. It is for the people in their wisdom to bestow revolutionary powers on the president. It is not for the president to ask for them so that he won't be accused of wanting to be a dictator. The government must not be involved in this process. I say let the people decide by themselves in the exercise of their sovereign will which is supreme in a democracy.

Please share and spread. God bless you all."

Source: Facebook 
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