Monday, September 4, 2017

Columnist urges people to grant Duterte extraordinary powers

Jose Alejandrino laments how the revolutions throughout the Philippines’ history had been repeatedly blighted by the “oligarchs” which brought in an unstable political and economic landscape.

Now that President Rodrigo Duterte has taken the reins in the presidency, Alejandrino urges the public to grant him the extraordinary powers to call forth a revolution.

With full knowledge of Duterte’s leadership style and traits, Alejandrino asserts that the change that has long been sought by the country can be realized through the President.

Additionally, Duterte’s recent 80% trust from the public shows that he will be well supported in the event that a revolution is spearheaded.

In his full post on netizen Abe Purugganan’s Facebook, Alejandrino said,


by Jose Alejandrino

The 1899 Philippine Revolution was betrayed by the oligarchy.

The 1986 Edsa Revolution was hijacked by the oligarchy.

Our political system based on a flawed Cory Constitution only benefited the oligarchy.

Under Rodrigo Duterte who was elected to bring change, we have a third, and most likely last chance, to bring meaningful change.

Give him the tools - full powers - to bring that change. Only you the people can do this because the will of the people is sovereign and supreme, that is above any Constitution. What was given to Cory should be given to Duterte.

The vast majority of the people - over 80 percent - trust Rodrigo Duterte. I fully trust him to use extraordinary powers wisely.

A big number of DDS, as well as retired military officers, are now working quietly all over the country, from north to south, to give the president the tools he needs. God bless you. We shall overcome. Let us destroy Satan and the evil forces. Let us build a new nation under God. Therein lies our salvation.

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Source: Facebook
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