Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Celebrity-broadcaster rumored to have no real talent, just sex appeal

Broadcasters are held in the highest esteem as figures whom credible news and information comes from, however, a netizen shares how his conversation with a broadcaster sheds light on the reputation of modern-day reporters.

Manila Standard editor in Chief, Jojo Robles shared about a certain broadcaster he refused to name who was rumored to have used her sex appeal to go up the ranks. 

In Robles’ conversation with his broadcaster friend, also unnamed, that rumored broadcaster was said to possess no real talent and had to marry prominent newscasters amongst her colleagues to infiltrate networks.

In the past, the rumored broadcaster was even complained by a certain Mayor for her irresponsible broadcast.

Netizens have shared their guesses as to who the rumored broadcaster is and many suggest it might be Karen Davila.

In Robles’ full post on Facebook, he said,

"So I was talking to an old broadcaster friend, one of the old-school types whom I've known since the time when broadcasters were actually considered top-rank journalists and who has since retired. And we got to talking about a now-prominent member of the trade.

"Ever since, pre, wala namang binatbat iyan. Libog lang ginamit kaya nagkapangalan. Sa (former network), inasawa si (news executive X). Sa (current job), inasawa din si (owner Y). Di ba sinuspinde nga siya noon dahil sa iresponsableng brodkast na inireklamo ni (mayor Z) noon? Point five lang ang IQ niyan, pre," my friend said.

Then we got to talking about that alleged hot sex incident in a network parking lot involving the broadcaster and a colleague now working in foreign network B.

O, bahala na kayo."


Source: Facebook / Jojo Robles
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