Wednesday, September 20, 2017

British national expresses his thoughts towards Trillianes’ Singapore trip to disprove his alleged bank accounts

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV traveled all the way to Singapore days ago to debunk President Duterte’s claim that he owns a bank account in DBS Bank and another one in a non-existing Hongkong Shanghai Bank Raffles Branch. 

The senator’s unprompted trip earns several suspicions about his true motives.

One of the many netizens who are vocal enough to share their thoughts about the said issue is Malcolm Conlan, a British national who is currently based in London.

Conlan conveyed his notions regarding this matter in a Facebook post. He said,

"My thoughts on the saga with Trillianes going all the way to Singapore to chase up his bank accounts are as follows:

1. Trillianes must have had some kind of offshore account or why would he have spent all that money in going to Singapore to check it?

2. President Duterte admitted to reading out a false account number publicly or in effect making up an account number. The Yellow camp are therefore accusing the President telling lies and spreading fake news. Do they think this is really an issue compared to Sen. Trillianes running to the ICC and spreading fake news and lies to foreign countries? Trillianes has done his very best to embarrass the Philippines internationally by making up stories and spreading unproven allegations, PRRD switched a few numbers round on a bank account, in order to get to Trillians and make him run around like the desperate man he is, is that really an issue? In fact it just proves that PRRD has quite a good sense of humor 😂😂😂 Anyway PRRD is actually ensuring the confidentiality of Trillianes is maintained by not reading out the actual hidden bank account number on the nations media. If Trillianes can play the games, so can the President 😂😂😂 As soon as Trillianes is ousted the better!!!"

Source: Facebook / Malcolm Conlan
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