Friday, September 15, 2017

Atty. Rivera's shared insights when Cory Aquino allocated P1 to old BOC

Social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera explains why the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) deserve their Php 1000 budget since they are merely a “toothless tiger” of the Supreme Court that is dictated by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and subject to the calls of Congress.

But beyond these justifications, Rivera cited that former President Cory Aquino made a similar move during her time when she allocated a Php 1 budget to the Economic Intelligence and Investigation Bureau (EIIB). It was a politically motivated strategy.

If Aquino could do it, why not President Rodrigo Duterte? The establishment of the CHR is, in itself, a politically motivated strategy by the Liberal Party (LP) in order to bring shame to Duterte’s administration.

In Rivera’s full post on Facebook, he said,


The recent PhP1,000 budget given to the CHR, a constitutional body caused a lot of uproar. Many got vexed while many pro-Duterte supporter welcomed the idea.

First of all, let us not discuss the reason behind it. It is a legislative prerogative which is not even a justiciable question. The real question is:


Yes. In fact, President Cory Aquino started the trend giving EIIB a PhP1 budget. Why is this allowed? Simple. The 1987 Constitution allows it. It did not proscribe a minimum budget to every government agency so when several government agencies caused the ire of Cory, she used the power of the purse to punish them.

So, if Cory can do it, why can PRD not exercise it. After all, the CHR has been used by the Liberal Party to besmirch the present administration. In fact, it was the CHR who stated that the cases they filed with the DOJ has not been acted upon which was rebutted by the latter with records. Clearly, the CHR lied.

In reality, the CHR is a constitutional creation that we can do without. In fact, it is called a "toothless tiger" by the Supreme Court in the case of CHR vs. Cariño because it has only investigative but no prosecutorial powers. Clearly, it is left at the mercy of the DOJ and worst, subject to the whims of Congress. So, if the CHR wishes to do its job, it will always be limited. Hence, a non-governmental agency with an independent set-up can do a much better job.

The point is, nobody can be a human rights watchdog of the government and rely on the same for budgetary support especially when it attacks the very government. It is just natural instinct. A doberman trained by its master to attack someone will never attack the master the feeds him. If the dog decides to attack its master, what do you think will its master do?

The CHR has proven itself to be partisan every since the Duterte administration assumed office. Gascon has done the bidding for the opposition in giving some semblance of credibility to the allegations of EJK. It has chosen to be loyal to PNoy and his party using the CHR as its tool.

So, dapat hindi kayo galit sa PhP1,000 budget. Mabuti pa nga hindi piso. Tsaka, kung mas loyal kayo sa nakaraan, dun kayo humingi ng budget. Even a trained Belgian Melanois or doberman knows the answer.


Source: Facebook
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