Friday, September 8, 2017

Actress Odette Khan thanks Duterte for job well done

The Ika-6 na Utos actress Odette Khan heartily expressed her gratitude to President Rodrigo Duterte through a Facebook video that she hoped would go viral and reach Duterte.

In her 48-second video, Khan repeatedly mentioned how she saluted Duterte’s efforts at making the Philippines better. 

Khan also said that Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo knows how much she praises the President’s efforts.

“Mr. President, saludo ako sa inyo, saludo, you can ask Atty. Panelo, siya na lang mag kwento sayo, but you’ve done a good job,” Khan said.

The actress even emphasized that Duterte is the first president who openly expresses his love for country, even if it means death.

“[You are the] first president who said he would give up his life for his country. Thank you, Mr. President,” Khan said.

Khan and a couple of companions she had in the video hoped that the video would go viral so that even Duterte’s family could see her greetings.


Source: Facebook

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