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A LOAN Filipinos must pay! The Privilege speech of Rep. Emil Ong that exposed Raul Daza's 10,000 hectares ranch in Australia

Over a year ago, northern Samar representative Emil Ong exposed the 10,000 hectare ranch he owns in Australia. In the post, it was mentioned that in the year 2015, Ong Questioned the implementation of an irrigation project for two towns of his District by the National Irrigation Administration amounting to P140million Pesos and said that the amount was not use for the proposed irrigation projects but is still under investigation as part of the three million pesos controversial Help for Catubig Agricultural Advancement Project (HCAAP). 

On June 2015, in his Privilege Speech, Representative Emil Ong started introducing himself and his desire to help his constituents and shared to the group the “Foreign-funded Help for Catubig Agricultural Advancement Program (HCAAP).” Which he mentioned that the said project was funded through Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) ODA loan project of the province of Northern Samar amounting to Y5.210 million (P2.5Million) under a loan agreement incurred in may 2001 aiming to promote agricultural productivity and increased production for Catubig Valley, for to help local farmers and for the improvement of public health and sanitation conditions.

The point of Ong in the said speech was focused on the update on the implementation of the project. Where he mentioned that the 2007 target and the revised project completion date 2010 and the extension set in 2012 were not met and in the day of the said speech he did also point out that the secretary of Agriculture Secretary Alcala mentioned that only few hectares of the project have been irrigated in which the irrigated part was not a part of the HCAAP project rather it was from the various canals made by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Social Welfare and Development for food for market project.

Ong also mentioned that the beneficiaries of the irrigation project might have helped 580 farm families in the municipality of Catubig alone where there is no land preparation at all.
Secretary Alcala made mention that the rice paddies were never developed and according to him, all other components have not been accomplished and that when the secretary went to inspect the said three hundred million pesos was allotted by the provincial government of Northern Samar for Farm to Market road, secretary Alcala was surprised to see that not even a single kilometer was cemented and shouted “What happened to this P300-million farm-to-market road?” then answered the farmers “Secretary Alcala, your farm-to-market road has been known as farm-to-pocket road. ”In other words”, said ong “the P300 million went to the corrupt officials of the province of Northern Samar. Kaya tinagurian iyong aming farm-to-market road as farm-to-pocket road. I repeat, nabulsa iyong P300 million—hindi farm-to-market road kundi farm-to-pocket road.” Then pointed out saying ”Who else could have pocketed that except the highest government official headed by the Governor, the previous Governor Paul Daza of the province of Northern Samar?”

Ong then said and emphasized that the project is “geared towards promoting sustainable agriculture and economic development in the province of Northern Samar by raising the income level of the farmers, generating new employment opportunities, as well as improving the social infrastructure and services of various communities in Catubig and Las Navas, municipalities which are considered the rice granaries of the province of Northern Samar.” and made mention of the importance of irrigation as an important component of in agriculture.

A report disclosed by the National Irregation Administration about the Korean construction company who constructed the said project made a refusal for the repair of a damaged dam for the reason that the said 900 million pesos structure repair was very suspicious and stories were circulating that Hanjin was not paid in full and that millions of were missing and now the Korean firm hanjin already abandoned the project.

Then Ong called the attention of the speaker saying “the HCAAP is a loan that must be paid back and it is the Filipino people’s taxes that will be paying for it. This is a case of misuse and abuse of the people’s money. This is not ordinary plunder. Then quoted this as ““super plunder” considering also the amount of P2.5 billion and the P300 million of the province of Northern Samar, or a total of P2.8 billion. It is for this reason, Mr. Speaker, that I request this august Body to conduct an investigation, in aid of legislation, so that proper charges could be filed, if necessary.”

Then as he continues, he made mention of Congressman Abayon, reiterating that “in his privilege speech, made mention of the father-and-son leadership responsible for the quagmire that put the people of Northern Samar—meaning, former Deputy Speaker Raul Daza and his son, Gov. Paul Daza. This Representation likewise has been consistent in his stand regarding the anomaly behind the HCAAP.” Continues and quoted The Commission on Audit (COA) that “until now has not come up with any audit report despite this Representation’s request to investigate and audit the same.” asking “Why should the COA come up with a report on the Congressmen on the various NGOs? Why did she not report this P2.5 billion scam which is far greater than what she reported: about a certain Congressman having put P3 or P4.5 million to the NGOs? This is in billions of pesos.”

Then mentioned of the visit of the Australian ambassador making a courtesy call in the office of Ong asked him if he was aware of Gov. Raul Daza is one of the biggest ranchers in Australia? And that he owns a 10,000 hectares ranch. Ong then ensured the quotation of the ambassador with the ambassador saying “Yes, Congressman Ong, I personally had this confirmed by going to the Office of Cong. Raul Daza and he was even very proud. He said, „Yes, I am the owner and my daughter is the one managing the said cattle ranch in Australia.?” In the course of the communication, ong asked the ambassador of how much will the ranch cost in Philippine peso, then answered he that it would be P1 Billion Ong then spake out asking “Where will the former deputy speaker get his 1 billion pesos. Then added and enumerated he the different properties or assets of daza and other issues involving congressman daza narrating “One week before the election, one of our mayors and his son were shot in cold blood right beside their home in the municipality of Victoria. The culprit, the leader of Congressman Daza went inside, and he was never arrested by the provincial director. I went on air that night and pledged this to the father-and-son tandem: “I am here at the DYSM Radio Station. I am going to withdraw my candidacy as Congressman and will ask my brother, Governor Jun Ong, to withdraw his candidacy also. I will support your candidacy and even campaign for your son’s gubernatorial candidacy provided you pledge to me that you will never shoot anymore our leaders especially our mayor. I will wait for you until 12:00 midnight, please come and sign a pledge that you will stop murdering our leaders. We are not that desperate to become Congressman or governor, because my leaders? lives can never be resurrected. So, we would rather withdraw and support your candidacy, basta mangako ka lang na huwag mo namang patayin ang aming mga leaders.” Hindi siya sumipot. Marami po ang umiyak sa mga leaders ko, kaya marahil, pagdating ng eleksyon, ang tao ang humusga. My brother won an overwhelming 48,000 majority votes over his son, Paul Daza, the first time in the history of Northern Samar that such a big margin was won by a governor. Noon, nananalo lang sila ng 3,000 o 1,500. This humble Representation, hindi naman to boast, won by 28,000 votes over my closest rival then closing his privilege speech.


Source: Kahimyang
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