Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sen. Drilon advised to have his drug lord cousin surrender to police

Writer and former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs notes how vivid Senator Franklin Drilon’s reactions are towards the illegal drug war campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Drilon had issued questions regarding the conduct of the drug raid operation at Ozamiz City where the Parojinog clan was caught and slain after they initiated a shootout, but columnist Jose Alejandrino views it as Drilon’s anxiety over his allegedly drug-dealing cousin. 

Alejandrino wrote about how Drilon had cut their friendship when the former started speaking against the Liberal Party (LP) for bad-mouthing Duterte as another rural hillbilly.

Now that the illegal drug war campaign has targered big time narcopoliticians such as the top officials in Ozamiz City, Alejandrino reminds Drilon to have his allegedly drug dealer cousin surrender to authorities. 

In his article posted on netizen Butch Cabanbanan’s Facebook, Alejandrino said,

By Jose Alejandrino

Frank, stop crying. We both know the connection between corrupt politicians and drug money. I'm sorry to see the LP lose its goodies but you guys should have listened to good advice.

Frank, we used to be friends on fb. Then you got angry and deleted me because of what I was saying. The LP thought Duterte was just another dumb provincial boy with a loud month. You all thought he would be a pushover.

Well, Frank, the LP underestimated his resolve. Duterte hates drugs. He dislikes corruption. What you are now seeing is only the second phase. Oh, yes, Frank, a third phase is coming.

PNP chief Bato gave fair warning to druglords. Surrender or die. Now if they're really clean, they have nothing to worry about. Just turn themselves in and let the courts decide. What's your objection, Frank? My advice is you tell your cousin to give up.

Relax, Frank, and watch the show. Stress is bad for your blood pressure. I'm worried about your overweight problem. At your age, you really need to lose weight.

What show? I recommend the "Untouchables."

Source: Facebook / Butch Cabanban

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