Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fearless netizen says don’t focus on Kian’s death only

The grade 11 student who was killed during a drug raid in Caloocan City has caught the attention of the masses, but a netizen pointed out that not much hype was given when a 16-year-old drug pusher killed a pregnant woman.

Netizen Snow Jestre urges the public to condemn both minors caught in tragic incidents because of the illegal drug trade. Even as the mainstream media has sensationalized the issue on delos Santos, Jestre says that the focus should be on the true enemy which are illegal drugs.

When choosing to fight on a national problem, the netizen emphasizes that one cannot be selective with the issues. 

Jestre cited the instance where Senator Risa Hontiveros and Vice President Leni Robredo personally visited the wake of delos Santos, and yet was nowhere to be seen at the wake of the murdered pregnant woman. It puts to question their sincerity and political agenda.

In his full post on Facebook, Jestre said,

"Yesterday a 16 year old murdered a pregnant woman killing the child in her womb and no one bats an eye. A 17 year old gets killed in a drug enforcement operations and everyone is losing their minds.

Why dont we just condemn both acts and hype on it as well and not be selective on one single issue alone? Is it because the media had already sensationalized it? Cmon guys, condemn the killings, dont focus too much on one incident. No life is greater than the other. I personally dont know who that Kian guy is, who he was and what he was doing. For after all, dead men tell no tales.

Stories have circulated and speculations were made, it could be true or not, but one thing is true. Both lives ended in an instant because of a single reason. ILLEGAL DRUGS. Politicians have already took the scene. Sen Hontiveros then followed by VP Robredo who visited the wake of Kian, yet both was nowhere to be found during the wake of the family who got massacred by a drug addict for a reason na "trip trip nya lang". Are they really there to sympathize with the family or for their own political agenda? Why didnt we hyped on this as well? Selective? Double standards?

Will both of them show up for the wake of the girl and her child? Shot dead by a mere 16 year old addict whose mother was imprisoned for the same offense.

And to those who quoted

Dati; "anak, wag kang magpa-gabi. May adik sa labas"
Ngayon; "anak wag kang magpa-gabi. May pulis sa labas"

Mga mangmang! Di hamak na mas maraming matitinong pulis kysa sa mga masasama. Wag nyong lahatin."


Source: Facebook / Snow Jestre
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