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Ed Lingao slams netizens and Erwin Tulfo for claiming media is only covering Kian's death

One of the main complaints of critics is that media is doing too much coverage on the death of 17-year old Kian delos Santos and diluted the coverage on other equally crucial topics, but journalist Ed Lingao says that this is only true for those who get their news updates on Facebook.

Contrary to the claims of critics, mainstream media is doing just as much coverage on delos Santos’ death as they are on the Bureau of Customs (BOC) scandal, alleged ill-gotten wealth of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chief Andres Bautista, and other crimes.

Lingao also noted that the issue on delos Santos’ death “has been deliberately muddled”. Instead of focusing on the credibility of the police raid, people have started zeroing on the veracity of the information that delos Santos was a drug courier.

The media is not blowing the issue out of proportion, argues Lingao. It only follows that their coverage on the possible irregularities of the police will be highlighted due to the nature of their job which is to protect the people.

Lingao also slammed a certain veteran journalist who had asked President Rodrigo Duterte during a press conference if Duterte believes that the delos Santos issue is overstated because of Yellows and Duterte supporters.

Lingao comments that the question was obviously leading when the issue should not have been about Yellows and Duterte supporters.

In his full post on Facebook, Lingao said,

"Just some quick notes on the Delos Santos case:

1. The issue, like many before it, has been deliberately muddled. The issue is not whether the boy was a courier, a runner, or a pusher, or even whether 17-year old teenagers have been taking part in the drug trade. The issue is whether his death was a justifiable killing by the police. Hindi mahirap maintindihan iyan, pero ang daming mga tao na nililihis ang isyu. Ang bitaw pa ng isang piskal sa Kalookan, hindi kapani-paniwala na "super innocent" ang bata - sabay hirit na "The media narrative is too black and white. Without evidence, it would be unfair to ascribe which one is guilty or innocent." On one hand, pinagmukha na niyang guilty of something, anything, ang bata, pero pag dating sa pulis, aba, huwag magmadaling sabihin kung guilty or innocent.

Then again, this fiscal is known in social media for his, uhm, brave and blazing commentaries on the need to kill certain groups and political affiliations like cockroaches.

2. Pinalalaki daw ng media? 

Teka, we train, arm, and pay policemen to protect us and enforce the law. Everything they do as policemen, they do in our name. if they killed the boy in cold blood, dapat talaga magalit tayo kasi tayo ang nagpasweldo at nagbigay ng baril sa kanila.

Magalit ka sa kriminal, pero lalo kang magalit kung ikaw ang nagswesweldo at nag aarmas sa kriminal.

3. Ahh, eh bakit parang ang laking tao ni Kian. Mas importante ba siya sa mga pinapatay ng mga killer, adik at rapist?

Ganito na lang po. Trabaho ng pulis habulin ang mga killer, adik, at rapist. Mga kriminal yan eh. Pero kung ang pulis ay mag-asal kriminal, double whammy po iyan. Pulis yan eh. Again, we train, arm, and pay them. In both cases, karapatan natin singilin ang mga awtoridad. But in the second case, mas malaki ang pananagutan nila.

4. Eto pa. Kayong mga media, bakit Kian lang kayo ng Kian! Di ninyo i-cover ang mga namasaker, o pinatay ng mga adik! O yung storya ni Bautista! Mga bias(ed) kasi kayo!

Uhm, kung di ka naman nagbabasa ng dyaryo o nanunuod ng newscast, at umaasa lang sa makikita mo sa mga katalinuhang pinopost ng mga kaibigan mo sa FB feed mo, eh ganun na nga yun.

Hindi lang po Kian ang mga storya na kinokover at nilalabas namin. Mayroon pong customs, merong Bautista, electoral tribunal, merong west philippine sea, at merong ibang mga krimen gaya ng riding-in-tandem, rape, masaker, murder, etc. Bakit, saan ba ninyo nababalitaan ang lahat ng mga karumaldumal na krimen na iyan? Sa mga coverage ni Mocha?

Kung ginagawa po ninyong pahayagan ninyo ang Facebook, huwag ninyo kaming sisihin kung kulang-kulang ang nakukuha ninyong balita. Ang FB ay social networking site. Social. Networking. Kung ano ang mga i-follow mo, i-like mo, at i-share ng friends mo, yun lang ang mababasa mo. Kung kulang kulang ang feed mo, aba eh ikaw ang kulang-kulang mamili.

5. Tanong ng isang uhm beteranong journo sa presscon ni Digong, sang-ayon ba si digong sa sinasabi daw ng mga netizens na pinalalaki lang ang isyu ni Kian ng mga dilawan at ng human rights at ng mga kalaban ni Digong?

Obviously, leading at loaded ang tanong ni beteranong journo, diba? Sa sobrang leading, akala ko tuloy, rhetorical question na. Pero hayaan mo na.

Ang isyu ay hindi dilaw o pula. Ang daming hirap makuha ito. Ang mundo hindi umiikot sa pagitan ng DDS vs dilawan. Sasabihin ko sanang false dichotomy, pero baka mahirap pa i-spellingin. Kung mahina talaga ang thought processes, binary na lang talaga ang lahat.

6. On some details: The boy supposedly fired back with a .45 cal pistol. That is a hefty pistol, whose base model weighs 1.1 kilos. It's not to say that a 17-year old can't handle a .45 because I'm certain they can. However, the boy was wearing boxer shorts. Boxers. Last time I checked, boxer shorts do not come with a leather belt. Ang bukod tanging tao na magsusuot lang ng belt kasama ng kanyang underwear ay si Batman. O sige, isama mo na si Robin. Gayunpaman, utility belt ang gamit nila.

If anyone can tuck a .45 cal pistol into his boxer shorts and parade around the neighborhood, my hats off to that guy. So does that mean the boy was just holding the .45 cal pistol in his hand the whole time in full view of the public? Sa madaling salita, mahirap kumarga ng kwarentay singko kung naka boxer shorts ka lang.

6a. One True Believer bent double trying to explain how the .45cal pistol could have ended up in the left hand of a right-handed boy. She said, oh he must have used both hands to fire the pistol, so it was not inconceivable that the pistol stayed with the left hand when he fell.

Hindi po baseball bat ang pistol, na dalawang kamay ang nakahawak sa pistol grip. When a man uses both hands to fire the pistol, he is really just using one hand on the grip, and using the other hand to support it. So hindi po magic na lilipat yung grip mula sa kanang kamay papunta sa kaliwa habang natutumba dahil lang dalawang kamay ang ginamit sa baril.

7. On the paraffin text, the boy tested negative. However, inconclusive ang paraffin tests, and most law enforcement agencies abroad refuse to conduct this kind of tests anymore. Did he fire a gun? The test doesn't really prove anything either way. The bigger issue would be whether he had a gun to begin with.

8. Lastly, a big part of the problem is that the President himself has been sending mixed and dangerous signals from the very start. Yes, a drug war is necessary, yes drugs are a problem. Yet he is deliberately sidelining the institutions that are supposed to be the checks and balances. Media is the enemy. Human rights advocates are the enemy. Anyone who says anything critical of the drug war gets the dirty finger or more.Then his allies paint everyone critical with a brush dipped in yellow paint.

Yesterday, the President said he never told policemen that he will back them up if they commit a crime. Before that, he said he would grant absolute pardon immediately for policemen convicted of implementing his drug war. Yet at least three times, in three separate speeches, the President had publicly said that if he had been present in the drug raids, he would have brought the suspects to the back of the building and shot them himself. Each time he would say that, we would gape and ask ourselves, Did he just say that? Was that a joke? Or hyperbole? 

Or do we need to use our creative imagination?

When the President speaks like this, do you still wonder what our policemen think?"


Source: Facebook / Ed Lingao
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