Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Doctor to opposition: "Yellows focus on Kian’s death when they were the reason drugs boomed in PH"

Much of the media and public attention has been driven towards the death of grade 11 student Kian delos Santos who was killed during a drug operation led by Caloocan City police.

The Yellows had been quick in sensationalizing the issue and placing it on headlines, but one netizen pointed out that as much as the Yellows stir protest and grief for delos Santos’ death, they are the reason illegal drug trade flourished in the country.

A doctor by the name Jaymark wrote that doubts have piled up surrounding delos Santos’ death due to a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) footage that showed a discrepancy in police reports on the drug raid.  But, on the other hand, the 17-year-old was notorious as his family’s drug courier. An autopsy could not be performed on him due to his relatives refusing to have it conducted.

Additionally, Caloocan City has one of the most rampant drug cases in its area. Suspected police assets or spies are often taken down by the drug lords and their cohorts.

Jaymark says that while the police should be held accountable should they be found guilty, the situation should by no means be a pretext for Yellow propaganda to spread. 

Read the full post of Jaymark below:

"In the CCTV footage aired by abscbn, "kian" was wearing white shirt and pants but when his body was shown later, he was already wearing blue shirt and boxer shorts?? Kian was a known drug courier in that area of Caloocan. His father was an alleged pusher too. I think there must be a thorough investigation on this. He was allegedly mauled daw, then an autopsy must be performed to shed some light. However relatives refused to have the kid autopsied.

Drug problem in Caloocan is rampant (i read somewhere that it has the highest incidence of drug problem in MM). Accdg to my patients and friends living in Caloocan, there are areas still controlled by druglords/pushers. If you happen to enter their lair and they do not know you, you will be suspected as police asset or spy and they will really kill you...that is how paranoid they are.

Nobody knew the extent of the drug problem in our country bec media and the predecessor simply hid this problem to us.

I remember back then that the petty crimes were on a rise and these were significantly lessened when the war on drugs started. I am wondering why Kian was still out very late at night. His father should have not let his son stay up late bec that area is a notorious drug haven and anti-drug operations is ongoing. I am not condoning EJK's but a deliberate attempt to concoct stories and falsify news to make it appear as one is utterly despiccable and treasonous.

If the cops were found to be abusive in their job, then they should be punished. These yellow trapos are very obvious in using this incident for their political ambitions when they should be blamed for letting this drug problem flourish! They may have succeeded in casting doubts on some on this anti-drug drive but they are just fooling themselves by making themselves believe that they could still perpetuate themselves back to power bec many Filipinos are not that stupid!

How come they have time to spare for this known drug courier but have no time for all the victims of drug crazed people like that one in Bulacan massacre and just recently a pregnant woman?"


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