Sunday, August 20, 2017

Critics angry over Kian’s death, but what about kids used by terrorists, in rallies?

While the grief and rage is understandable, a netizen pointed out that critics are too focused on the death of Kian delos Santos without giving much ruckus about the kids used as soldiers by the Maute terrorist group and the rebels.

Netizen Jovybev Aquino also cited the case of Senator Risa Hontiveros who used gradeschoolers as protesters on the streets. Some parents of the involved students even voiced out that they were not duly informed of the “activity”. Since then it has caught controversy over how appropriate it is to influence children to rally for political causes.

Aquino asserts that a show of true concern would mean that one does not merely voice out for one, but for all children victimized by crimes and corruption. He emphasized that deaths are inevitable in war. 

President Rodrigo Duterte is pursuing an intense illegal drugs war and for as long as one is guilty, there is a possibility of being “caught in the crossfire”.

In his full post on Facebook, Aquino said,

"You're angry about the 17 yr old, but you are mum about the Maute and NPA using children as young as 10 to fight their battles. You cry about this minor, yet you were so quiet when Riza used 13 year old children to go out into the streets. You whine about the curfew for minors but are up in arms when minors get hurt in the streets when they are supposed to be home with their families.

You are all hypocrites. If you want to voice out for one, you should voice out for all.

I will not judge what happened to that kid. I do not know the story. But I do know that ever since this war started, I already told friends and family that they should avoid having anything to do with drugs and stay away from people who are known to be connected to it because it is a war and you don't want to be caught in the crossfire."

Source: Facebook / Jovybev Aquino

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