Friday, August 25, 2017

Celebrity Kat Alano lashes out on priest accused of rape: 'Kapal na ng mukha, kakampihan mo pa ba?'

Celebrity Kat Alano lashes out on priest accused of rape: 'Kapal na ng mukha, kakampihan mo pa ba?'
Celebrity VJ, Kat Alano and Msgr. Arnel Fuentes Lagarejos, composite photos from ABS-CBN News and Facebook
Filipino celebrity Kat Alano, a self-confessed rape victim through her Facebook page, criticized a Catholic priest after it was reported that the latter had carnal relations with a 13 year old, and admitted the act.

Msgr. Arnel Fuentes Lagajeros,55, was reported to have been released on August 2, after posting bail of Php 120,000 after he was caught bringing a 13 year-old into a motel.

According to Eastern Police District director Chief Superintedndent Romulo Sapitula, Lagajeros, through police investigation, was found to have met with the minor twice and had sex with her once.

However, according to Metro Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde, the priest can only be charged of human trafficking and not rape.

"See? Anyone can be a rapist. You think rapists admit they are rapists? Of course not," said Alano.

The celebrity, who herself has admitted to have been raped by a public figure she did not name, said that only the victims of rape know the ugly reality of it.

Alano said the Philippines shames and silences victims, because Filipinos do not believe it when the victims point out who the rapists are.

"Hindi eh. Mga biktima lang ang pwedeng magpaliwanag sa inyo kung sino ang mga rapist at ano ang mga ginagawa nila."

Ayaw niyo pa makinig? Kapal na ng mukha ng mga rapist, kakampihan mo pa ba?,' she said.

"Kakatawa pa to, trafficking lang daw ang charge as of now, kahit nakipag sex na dati sa 13 year old. And he was a "man of God"".

The minor who was with Lagajeros was allegedly "pimped" by another male minor. The girl then said that the priest warned her "at gunpoint" to not let other men "book" her. There has yet to be an update of the priest's case as of press time.

Kat Alano was also a victim of rape when she was 19 years old.

Source: Kat Alano, ABS-CBN News


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