Sunday, August 20, 2017

Caloocan City prosecutor says Kian is not innocent

While the police officials responsible for 17-year-old Kian delos Santos’ death should be penalized accordingly, a Caloocan City prosecutor has proof that the boy is not entirely innocent from involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Caloocan prosecutor Darwin Cañete said that delos Santos was carrying shabu sachets long before the police arrived. Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) held images that show impressions of shabu sachets on delos Santos’ body, particularly on the area just below the garter of his boxers.

Additionally, no physical marks could prove that delos Santos was harmed before his death.

Cañete pointed out that the Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) footage believed to be of delos Santos proved anomalous. The color of the shirt and bottom wear were not the same as the one delos Santos was found wearing when he died on the scene. The footage was also taken an hour before the incident.

Contrary to claims of his innocence, delos Santos had exchanges through texts about drug shipment between his suppliers and their clients. Some netizens even disclosed that the grade 11 student held the notorious reputation of being a drug courier.

I am not saying they did not kill the kid. The (police) should be held accountable if ever it’s a proven EJK (extrajudicial killing). But making the kid super innocent?  I am not buying it,” Cañete said.

In his full post on netizen Eric Clark Su’s Facebook, he said,


by Darwin Cañete

1. Kian was in possession of the shabu sachets long before the police got him. This is based on the SOCO pictures of the body (shown by Atty. Cañete) where the sachets clearly left an impression on the side of the body just under the garter of his printed boxers. If the shabu was planted, it will not leave those marks on the skin.

2. Kian was not tortured nor hurt contrary to the claim of a supposed witness. There were no marks of physical abuse on the body as can be seen on the photos, too. The family did not want an autopsy to be performed.

3. The controversial CCTV video which made the case sensational is not fake but it was not Kian on the video because the color of the t-shirt and the lower garments are not the same. The CCTV footage was also recorded an hour before the incident. It is highly probable that it is not connected to Kian's case.

4. They have Kian's phone which contains text messages between Kian, his supplier and their clients. This will be presented if required to those who wish to hold an inquiry."

Source: Facebook / Eric Clark Su

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