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An open letter of a teacher to VP Leni: "Sorry po if deadma kami sa inyo."

Vice President Leni Robredo may have said her piece on President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war several times before, but she is now showing more bravado after the death of 17-year-old Kian delos Santos. Despite her criticisms, a teacher from University of the East (UE) says that they are merely ignoring her.

Denn Amacio Meneses wrote that even as Robredo and her cohorts parade the death of delos Santos’ death, the public is now wiser enough to know that they are propagating Yellow propaganda through the death of a grade 11 student.

Meneses recalled that Duterte had promised to address the illegal drug problem in the Philippines, and it would get bloody if it has to. Despite the warning, Duterte still won the presidency by a large margin which, Meneses explains, is a show of support to his plan of action.

While police scalawags should be addressed, Meneses pointed out that not even Robredo’s husband could weed them out when he headed the department in charge of overseeing the Philippine National Police (PNP). 

Past administrations may have tried or pretended to try eradicate the illegal drug problem, but only Duterte managed to drastically decrease the numbers. Meneses said that often those who react negatively towards Duterte’s approaches are those fueled by their personal interests in the illegal drug trade.

Even if Robredo labels them “Dutertards” as people who condone the killing of drug users and pushers, Meneses argues that this is not true. Duterte supporters condemn the killings, but prioritize the justice for the victims by drug addicts.

In his full post on Facebook, Meneses said,

"Dear Ma'am Leni,

Please don't tell us that we are not outraged or that we condone the killings because we do not heed your call or join you and your cohorts in what is apparently a grand design by your party to get back to power. The Filipino people are different today than they were back in '86. WE are no longer beholden to the so-called magic by the housewife in yellow. WE have snapped out of the lethargic spell that we have been thrown into for the most part of 30 years. WE don't listen to just about anyone anymore, least of all those whom we know are just appealing to our emotions, period. WE have become wise to that, yes, we have.

So, tell us what should we be angry about? At the outset, we all knew to what direction then-Candidate Rodrigo Duterte was taking the country. He wanted to rid the Philippines of drugs for the benefit of future generations of Filipinos. He warned that it was going to be BLOODY if those who are into the business of using and selling drugs, whether in small packets or tone-tonelada, will not STOP. He was very clear on that, yet he won. By a wide margin. Didn't he? As to what methods he would use, that was up to him. Presumably, he will use the Davao model. How else would he do it?

Remember the thousands of self-confessed users and pushers who surrendered? 1.3 million of them. Some went to rehab centers, and they are still alive. Many went back to their old ways, and either they were arrested or itinumba because nanlaban. We applaud those who chose the right thing and feel sorry for those who fell by the wayside. Should the rest of us do anything more or less? Should we be guilty over the personal choices that other people make?

Yes, we should be outraged at the scalawags in the police organization. They don't have a place in civilized society. But surely, they have been entrenched in the system since perhaps before your late husband headed the department tasked to oversee them. He was not successful at rooting them out, was he? And while there are a few of them, they must suffer the consequences of their actions.

But the bigger picture remains, and that is the fact that the drug monster is eating at every fiber of our nation until there are none left. The duly elected president is doing it his way, according to his mandate. And while his methods may be out of the box, other options have not succeeded in the past either because nothing was done or something was done but it was too little, too sporadic. Now somebody is meeting the problem head on but some sectors don't want him to succeed. They are denying the existence of the malaise because they are affected by the anti-drug war for reasons beyond the obvious.

If by some strange twist of fate your group succeeds in wresting power through foul means, what solution will you put forward, Madame? Or will it be the same old, same old thing? Happy days are here again for drug lords, addicts increasing by the numbers, innocents being mutilated by criminals, and criminals going scot free because the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, greased by corruption and wanton disregard for human dignity.

No, we do not condone the killing of addicts and pushers. But would we rather that the law-abiding be victimized instead by serial criminals and then charge the same to statistics like before? We have had enough of those from past leaders whose main concern was getting elected and then kukuyakuyakoy na lang afterwards. Sawa na po kami with that kind of governance. And you embody that which we abhor.

Sorry po if deadma kami sa inyo."

Don't us, the Dutertards
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Source: Denn Amacio Meneses
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