Saturday, July 8, 2017

The more people love Duterte, the more Yellows insult him

Contrary to the barrage of insults and criticisms against President Rodrigo Duterte, the 2017 second quarter survey results of Social Weather Stations showed that Duterte’s satisfaction ratings increased by three points.

While this may be good news to Duterte and the people, the opposition is keen on continuing their downpour of insults so as to stain the President’s reputation and make people less satisfied with him.

However, the consistent surveys goes to show that Duterte’s style and strategies are working to his favor because the country deems them as appropriate or favorable means to address current national problems.

A “strong minority”, as netizen Chito Fuentes said, like the Yellows may have fooled the country during EDSa Revolution, but not today and not anymore. Even when the opposition called in academes and media to intervene, people still loved Duterte.

In Fuentes’ full post on Facebook, he said,


His critics have thrown the sink at him but President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys a record-high satisfaction rating from his constituents.

In the second quarter survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations, President Duterte's satisfaction rating rose by three points, up to +66 from +63 in the previous quarter.

The increase in his satisfaction rating must be music to the ears of perhaps the most hard-working president, a change from the never-ending criticisms he has been getting from a noisy but very powerful minority.

Unlike his predecessor, the poster boy of the "disente" misfits, President Digong has not waged a relentless campaign against his critics.

Instead, it is the popular eagle from the south who has been hounded by the media, the academe, big business, rightists, leftists, clergymen and, of course, the yellow cult.

The spike in Duterte's popularity, therefore, is a virtual slap in the face of all those who speak ill of him.

It is not just a rejection of all the imagined and manufactured issues being churned against Duterte but so much more.

It is a foreboding of things to come for the most vicious and vilest of his critics that the people's patience is running short.

The yellow cult succeeded in fooling the Filipinos since the EDSA Revolution but all things come to an end in this world.

So what can we glean from this development?

It seems that the more giant media organizations attack him, the more the academe insult him, the more big business undermine him, the more rightists and leftists rage against him, the more the church preach against him and, yes, the more the yellows manipulate local and foreign news outlets to demonize him, the more Filipinos believe in President Duterte.

In short, the more his bashers make a fool of themselves, the more the ordinary, peace-loving, hard-working and law-abiding Filipinos gravitate towards the President.

That being the case, it appears that his critics are accomplishing the opposite - which augurs well for the majority of the Filipino people.
Without doubt, President Duterte deserves a better deal. But if this is what it takes for him to rally this nation to new heights, so be it.

More please."

Source: Chito A. Fuentes

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