Saturday, July 29, 2017

Speaker Alvarez’s wife says she was “abandoned” by husband

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez recently proposed a bill allowing the dissolution of marriage, but colleagues and citizens alike surmised that it might have been inspired by actual events in his own married life.

Pantaleon’s wife, Emelita Alvarez, disclosed to the public that she was “abandoned” by her husband after he was appointed to the speakership. Additionally, Emelita admits having been aware of his extramarital affair for a long time.

Well, his other relationship I’ve been aware of that long, long time ago because as husband and wife, it’s but normal that the husband and wife would have an affair,” Emelita said.

She admits being deeply pained by the situation.

There’s pain. I wouldn’t say there’s no pain because that’s being [a] hypocrite. But as I’ve told you, my faith is strong for a woman. Masakit, ‘yun na lang," she added.

Contrary to hearsays, Emelita said that she was not separated from Pantaleon for a long time, but instead she was “abandoned” right after Pantaleon became House Speaker.

Actually I was abandoned right after SONA when he became the Speaker. We've been together for almost 30 years and I’ve been there since the very start that was in [19]88. We’ve been through ups and downs, I’m there and people of Davao del Norte will testify that I was even the one who campaigned for him but anyway life should go on," she said.

Emelita also views her husband’s proposed bill as a lesser priority for Congress and too gender-biased against women.

For me, this is not a priority bill because number one, I’m talking now I’m speaking in behalf of the Filipino people… I’m saying that the bill is gender biased palagi na lang talo ang babae,” she said.

Pantaleon made recent claims that he has converted to the be a member of the Manobo tribe which permits multiple marriages, however, Emelita said Pantaleon was Catholic when they got married and she is unaware of his conversion.

Actually when we got married, I know he’s a Catholic but when he converted to IP (Indigenous People) or Manobo, I don't know. I respect him for that. It’s his faith. Hindi ako nakikialam pagdating sa religion,” she said.

Amongst the list of possible grounds for dissolution of marriage in Pantaleon’s proposed bill is unhappiness which prompted Emelita to comment that it is the duty of both husband and wife to hold strong “sa hirap at ginhawa” and that she was there in all their times of difficulty, but “yung happiness ewan ko na lang."

Source: Abs-Cbn News

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