Monday, July 17, 2017

South China Sea: Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, And Vietnam should send Duterte a Thank You Letter

On July 2016, Philippines won the case against China over the international arbitration ruling over South China Sea, otherwise called the West Philippine Sea. But with President Rodrigo Duterte’s changing foreign policies, Forbes writer Panos Mourdoukotas said that neighboring Asian countries have a lot more to thank Duterte for.

In a recent statement released by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), it said that “The Duterte administration reaffirms its unwavering commitment to protect our country’s territorial claims and maritime entitlements, but believes that the ongoing territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea should further be resolved in a manner consistent with the spirit of good neighborly relations.”

By maintaining a positive tie with China, Philippines has fortified its ASEAN mark and established an identity as a regional peacemaker, as the DFA stated.

Through Duterte’s “flip-flops” in foreign policy and outright admittance of the military advantage of China, it garnered stronger relations with Asia which the neighboring nations may use to their benefit also.

Philippines used to align itself with the US, but even Mourdoukotas pointed out that the US has “done very little” to aid the Philippines in asserting the West Philippine Sea which might have possibly influenced Duterte’s foreign policy.


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